Reasons to Buy a Personalized Dog Leash

Reasons to Buy a Personalized Dog Leash

Personalized dog collars and leashes are a specialty at dogIDs. But you might be wondering, why the heck would I need a personalized leash? The following are reasons why you might want to swap out your dog's old leash for a new, personalized option.

Personalized Dog Leashes

1. A personalized dog leash could help your dog get home.

Let's say you're out for a walk and you happen to drop the leash as your dog takes off after a rabbit. Or, maybe your dog gets away from the dog walker or a friend. The point is, dogs are not always off leash when they get lost. Sometimes the leash is still on the dog. If your name and phone number are on the leash, it makes it that much easier for someone to return your dog to you.

2. Info on a leash is easier to read from a distance.

If your dog does happen to get away while still wearing his leash, the extra information on a personalized leash will be easier for someone to read than the info on the collar. This is especially important if you have a fearful dog that won't get close to strangers or if you have a dog that could potentially bite. When dogs are lost, they may not act as friendly as they normally do.

I came across a lost dog last winter. I could get the dog to approach me, but he would growl every time I tried to get close enough to read the collar. I could see the dog had a phone number on his dog ID tags, but I could not get close enough to read it. Eventually I used one of my own leashes to "lasso" the dog and eventually earn his trust. This would've been easier if he'd been wearing a personalized leash.

3. More room for more information.

Personalized collars and ID tags are great, but a personalized leash is one more spot to add information. There's not always room on a dog's ID tags to write the dog's name, your name, your address and multiple phone numbers. A personalized leash gives you more options. For example, you might include the essentials on the dog's collar such as your phone number and address. On the leash, you could put an additional phone number along with your dog's name.

4. You will get your leash back when you take your dog to daycare.

Has a dog boarding facility or dog daycare ever misplaced one of your dog's items? It happens all the time if property isn't labeled. Some dog daycares will place a label on each dog's leash, but then you're left with glue on your leash once the label falls off. Save yourself and the daycare some trouble by using a nice, waterproof personalized dog leash.

5. The leash could match your dog's collar and personality.

OK, let's admit it. The real reason some of us buy personalized dog collars and leashes is because they're cute! There are so many options to choose from, and who doesn't like to buy a designer leash and collar set for his or her dog?

Does your dog have a personalized leash?

Jul 09, 2023 Lindsay Stordahl

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