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    At dogIDs, we recognize the importance of the bond between pet and human. We believe in improving the lives of dogs because we know the kind of difference that they can make in our lives.

    For this quarter’s Paw it Forward program partner, we found a partner that supports pets and their humans through difficult times.

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    What is Red Rover?

    RedRover is considered a “full-circle” organization, offering prevention, treatment and emergency care for animals in crisis.

    Their organization takes care of animals rescued from natural disasters, hoarding situations or puppy mills. They also help victims of domestic violence escape with their pets or provide financial assistance to pet parents who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets.

    RedRover Animal Rescue

    RedRover also works to develop empathy in children towards animals, which helps prevent future animal cruelty and neglect.

    RedRover has 3 main programs:

    • RedRover Readers Program: This program helps children develop empathy and awareness towards others through literature.
    • RedRover Relief Program: This program provides financial assistance, emotional support and resources for pet parents who are facing economic hardship while their pets are in need of immediate and emergency veterinary care. This program also provides resources and support to assist victims of domestic violence so that they may escape with their pets.
    • RedRover Responders: This group of volunteers provides shelter and care for animals who are displaced by natural disasters or other crisis situations like puppy mills.

    RedRover Relief Efforts

    We believe in RedRover because they recognize the importance of strengthening the bond between human and animal. We are excited to give our customers the opportunity to donate to RedRover when they check out on our site and we are proud to match 10% of those donations.

    RedRover believes that through service and education, they will build a future that is more compassionate to people and others.

    You can learn more about them in the infographic below:

    About RedRover

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