What Is the Best Dog Leash for Your Dog?

Discover the best dog leash for your four-legged friend at dogIDs. Training your dog is an act of love. You have to incorporate training into every aspect of your dog's life when he or she first comes home. Begin with the lead. Teach your dog to behave during walks and other excursions. Here's a useful rundown that will help you find the best dog leash for training your pooch.

The Classic Leash

boxer with a blue nylon leash

Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog Leash

A standard flat leash is the best dog leash for day-to-day use, but only if your dog isn't a chewer. Standard leashes are easy to chew because they're usually made of canvas, leather, or nylon. For basic training with dogs who don't have the habit of gnawing on their leads, the standard leash is the perfect starter lead. Remember to choose a thick, durable material for larger dogs, as well as dogs who like to pull at the lead. A thicker width will give you a bit more control. Also, make sure to consider your specific situation when choosing the length of this lead. The shorter the lead, the more control you’ll have over your dog. For times when you need maximum control, such as when walking in urban or heavily populated areas, consider a traffic leash. This specialty nylon lead is only two feet in length, so you never have to worry about your pup getting out of reach.

Martingale & Slip Leads

black dog wearing an orange martingale leash

Slip Leads

Martingale leashes are among the best leashes for dog training because the lead tightens subtly around your pup's neck anytime he or she tries to pull away from you. The design of the lead prevents it from choking your dog. Instead, it applies just enough pressure to encourage your dog to quit pulling.

The slip lead is another classic training leash that has become popular for everyday use. One of the most convenient leashes, this collar/lead combo is a breeze to use. Simply slip it over your dog’s head, and you’re ready to go! The collar stays loose when your dog heels and tightens slightly if they pull too far away. This leash is perfect for training as well as everyday casual use.

The Double Dog Leash

two dogs on a double dog leash

Waterproof Tangle-Free Double Dog Leash

When it comes to pups, it’s hard to stop at just one. When you need to walk both your pooches at the same time but you don’t want to put down your morning cup of joe, a double dog leash offers the perfect solution! Generally these specialty leashes feature several unique components that will make them a lifesaver when you’re on double-dog duty. An adjustable main lead connects to a piece of swivel hardware that allows the split end of the leash to spin freely. A second piece of hardware attaches the two split ends of the leash to the main lead. This design feature allows your dogs to walk around each other without having to constantly detangle the leash. This style of lead is also the best dog leash for neighborhood dog walkers!

Adjustable Leashes

Adjustable leads, also known as multi-functional leashes, are much like the standard lead. The difference is that an adjustable leash has two or three loops located near the top of the leash. These hoops allow you to use the clasp on the leash to lengthen or shorten it. The versatility makes it one of the best dog leashes for training, especially if you want to train your dog to run with you. Typically, you can alter the length of an adjustable lead between three feet and six feet. That being said, the leash you choose should be a length and width that makes sense for your dog.

Choosing the Right Material

brown and purple leather dog leashes

Personalized Leather Dog Leashes

The best dog leash is only as good as its strength. Always make sure to choose the appropriate leash material for your pup. For example, a large dog, such as a mastiff or a German shepherd, may do better with a leather leash rather than a canvas or nylon leash. Larger dogs aren't well-suited to retractable leashes, either. In contrast, a chain lead might be a bit too much for a small chihuahua or Yorkie.

It might take a minute to figure out the best dog leash for your pup. That's okay. Because training is essential, it's a great idea to experiment with an assortment of leashes and collars until you learn what your dog responds to the most. Uncover the perfect lead for your pups today at dogIDs!