What To Put On Dog Tags

Dog owners constantly wonder what to put on their dog’s ID tags. This question deserves a good explanation. Dog ID tags are important, and putting the right information on them is vital. Continue reading to explore what you should put on your dog’s ID tags.

The Information To Put on the ID Tag

An ID tag provides crucial information regarding your dog. Keep in mind that these tags are small with limited space, so filling them with the proper information is important.

The first things to add are the pet’s name and your phone number. That way, someone can contact you if your dog is found after going missing. Include any of your dog’s medical needs on the tags. Getting your pup microchipped is an excellent idea; you can also put that information on the ID tag. Personal messages like “I’m friendly” or “Call my parents” are excellent additions. It can make the reuniting process faster!

Use the most important information from the above ideas to create personalized dog tags. For example, if your dog requires medical attention, you should consider an ID tag layout similar to “dog’s name, your phone number, and medical attention required.”

Dog ID Tag Benefits

Dog ID tags are inexpensive, and there are plenty of options. Opt for the basic aluminum option, or go with something stylish like a personalized dog collar. Custom dog collars are great because the ID tags don’t dangle off a clip, and they’re not noisy. Keep in mind that the fancier the tag, the greater the price.

Another benefit of ID tags is that they’re completely customizable. The information on the tag will affect how someone cares for your pup until they reunite with you. Customize additional ID tags for when you go on trips with your dog. If something happens to your dog while you’re away, the tag will display the correct information.

You won’t need to worry about the tag being illegible. Anyone can decipher the information and get your dog back to you promptly.

Closing Thoughts

Ensure you update the tag’s information if you get a new phone number. The last thing you need is for your dog to get lost with an ID that contains outdated information. Plenty of options exist, so take your time finding the right tags for you and your pup. Once you pick out the tag, follow the above advice to ensure you put the right information on your dog's ID tag. The only thing left is loving your dog unconditionally.

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