Car Cuddler for Small Dogs

Car Cuddler for Small Dogs

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Plush Perfection

With the perfect combination of a travel dog bed and a seat cover comes the Car Cuddler for Small Dogs. It’s called a “Cuddler” for a reason! The ultra soft faux sheepskin and the pillow bumper make a comfortable dog car bed that they can snuggle up to during long car rides.

Getting There Safely

Some dogs can get restless during long car rides and only want a comfy place to rest. If they don’t have that, they may get uneasy and try to crawl onto your lap when you’re driving. This dog bed seat cover gives them just that - a place just for them where they can relax while on the road.

Leather seats are notorious for being cold in the winter and slippery for puppy paws. With this small dog seat cover, your little pooch will have traction to stand or walk around and their little feet will stay warm.

Protect Your Upholstery

Anyone who has a dog as part of their family knows that they can get hair and dirt just about everywhere - including your car. The Car Cuddler helps keep your furry friend in one spot, confining the mess to one area. The best part Once it gets dirty, brush off any excess dirt or liquids, remove the bolster filling and pop it into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

If your pooch likes to scratch and dig around before they lie down, the heavy duty microsuede will hold up and prevent them from clawing up your back seat.

Installing the Car Cuddler

Setting up your Car Cuddler is easy, secure and works in most standard vehicles.

  1. To begin installing it in your car, set the Cuddler on your car seat. Loop the headrest strap over your headrest and adjust.
  2. There is a special tube on the back of the Car Cuddler that helps it stay put. Push this in between the seat back cushion and seat bottom cushion to hold the bed in place.
  3. Take the strap underneath the Cuddler and wrap it around the seat corner and connect to an anchor on the side of the Cuddler. (Depending on your vehicle, this step may not work)
  4. You can now connect the seat belt through a slit in the side of the  Car Cuddler where you can attach a pet seat belt harness, such as the Dog Car Harness & Restraint, for added safety.

Components of a Car Cuddler

  • Dog Bed with Bolster for Added Comfort
  • Adjustable Headrest Strap to Hold Up Back Cover
  • Specially Made Tube that Goes between Seat Back Cushion & Seat Bottom Cushion to Prevent Sliding
  • Strap & Adjustable Attachment Points to Anchor to Front of Seat
  • Hole for Seat Belt to Buckle Through, Allows the Lap Section to Be Covered by Fabric

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for Small-Medium Pets Up to 30 Pounds
  • Sheepskin Center Is Soft to the Touch
  • Machine Washable
  • Works in Most Standard Vehicles in a Bucket Seat or a Portion of a Bench Seat
  • Stays in Place with Seat Anchor and an Adjustable Headrest Strap
  • For Added Safety, Combine with the Dog Car Restraint & Harness
  • Includes Dog Car Bed Only - Does Not Come With Harness
  • Micro-Suede Comes in 2 Colors


  • Bed Area: 19 in Long x 23 in Wide x 5 in Tall
  • Bed Area Including Seat Back: 40 in Long x 23 in Wide x 5 in Tall

Available Colors:

  • Brown
  • Gray

If you’re looking for a dog car bed for the whole back seat or a larger dog, be sure to look into our Bench Seat Car Cuddler.

Est. Production Time: 2-4 business days

  • Seat Protector & Dog Bed
  • For Dogs Up to 30 lbs
  • Fits Bucket Seats or Part of Bench Seat in Most Standard Cars
  • Made of Machine Washable Micro-Suede Fabric & Faux Sheepskin
  • 2 Colors Available