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Pet ID Tags

55 Products Available
Whether your four-legged friend is a cat, dog or even a goat - we've got a personalized ID tag to keep them safe. Our pet ID tags and collars are made out of durable materials and laser engraved using the highest quality engraving equipment on the market. We guarantee the quality of your pet's tag for their lifetime.
Items 1-36 of 55
Items 1-36 of 55

The Importance of ID Tags on Your Pet

No matter how well-behaved your pet may be, there's always a chance that they could run away and get lost. Even in our technology-based society, the only tried-and-true way to help your pet home is by attaching an ID tag to their collar or harness.

This way, any passerby that finds your beloved animal can contact you and bring your pet home.

We've heard countless stories of pets being reunited with their families because of their ID tag and that's why we feel so strongly about outfitting your pet with a durable, easy to read tag.

Three Tag Options

We offer pet tags in three main styles: hanging tag, slide-on tag and rivet-on nameplate .

Hanging ID Tags

These are probably what you'd consider the most traditional form of dog tag. This tag attaches to a ring on your pet's collar with a split ring or s-hook and dangles below their neck.

We offer hanging tags in all kinds of colors, designs and shapes - from traditional metal round and bone tags to designer animal print.

Slide-On Tags

If your dog already has a collar, a slide-on tag is an alternative to the traditional hanging tag.

These nameplates are built to slide onto the open end of any collar in the traditional style (like a belt). If you hate the jingle of your pet's tags or are concerned the hanging tags may fall off with too much activity, this is a great option. If you don't have an open-ended collar but like the slide-on style, we also sell personalized collars with a built in slide-on tag.

Another plus with this tag is that it sits right on your pet's neck scruff. That way it's far easier to read should someone find your lost companion.

We offer these nameplates in brass or stainless steel in three collar width options.

Rivet-On Nameplates

Similar to the slide-on tags, the rivet-on collar nameplates are a great alternative to hanging tags if you hate the noise and are concerned about lost tags.

These tags come with installation instructions and rivets for you to install onto your pet's favorite leather, waterproof or nylon collar. Choose from standard stainless steel or brass plates or our sporting line of designs.

Built-in Nametag Collars

In addition to our tag options, we also have a wide selection of collars that have a nametag built directly into the collars. This means you don't have to worry about a hang tag falling off our loudly jingling. Plus, you can get a new collar that will look good for years to come! Our collar options are as follow:


Our ScruffTag collars are fashioned so that they sit comfortably on the "scruff" of your pet's neck. The tag is extremely easy to read, should your pet ever wander off. Our patented ScruffTag collars are available in traditional nylon, leather, biothane, reflective band, and waterproof Soft Grip.


As the name suggests, these collars are available with a plate riveted to the outer band of the collar. One of these rivet-on collars, Italian Leather, is our best-seller for cats and small dogs because it is chic, durable, and lightweight. You can also choose from a variety of rivet-on styles, such as signature leather, bison leather, Italian leather, waterproof SoftGrip, and biothane. Whether your pet is big or small, we've got a collar that fits.

ID Tags - Not Just for Dogs Anymore

Believe it or not, dogs aren't the only pets that can be outfitted with ID tags. We have made ID tags for all kinds of pets like cats, goats, cows and sheep.

Sometimes they also use collars on these pets or use the tags on their pens, blankets, and saddles. No matter the size of your pet, proper identification is always a good idea.

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