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Medium-Large Dog Door Drop-In Closing Panel

Product Introduction Pair the Medium-Large Dog Door Drop-In Closing Panel with our Heavy Duty Dog Door or our Easy Dog Door to keep your pet properly contained. This dog door closing panel is ideal for harsh weather conditions to keep...

Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel

Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel  To keep a pet from entering or leaving, the 1/4" polypropylene slides inside a double track aluminum channel. Use the Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel on a door, shed, garage wall, etc. to create...

Dog Door Trim Kit for Medium-Large Doors

Looking for a way to spruce up your Heavy Duty or Easy Dog Door Look no further than this primed wood trim kit.  It is designed by the same Minnesota shop that creates all of our durable, weather resistant doors. Easy add use this kit to cover the...

Heavy Duty Dog Door

Looking for a dog door that's the real deal Look no further than the Heavy Duty Dog Door. Heavy Duty We have used these heavy duty dog doors over the years and haven't found a more durable, chew proof, weather tight dog door. This dog door was...

Easy Dog Door

The Easy Free Swinging Dog Door Once you decide to install a dog door in your home for your pet, you want to be certain that it will make you and your dog's life better. That's why we offer the Easy Dog Door, the perfect, simple solution for your dog...

Big Dog Door

Do you need an indestructible dog door that your 200-pound dog can fit through The Big Dog Door is the perfect door for you.    Two-Way Door Design When your dog goes out the door, both the welded aluminum outer frame and the inner...

Easy Big Dog Door

The Easy Big Dog Door is the ideal doggy door for you if you have a large dog who likes to roam freely or if you are in need of a replacement dog door! Chew Proof Yes, you heard us right. This big dog door is chew-proof with a lifetime...

Dog Doors

Whether you're looking for an easy-to-install doggy door or something completely weather proof  - we've got you covered. All dog doors are made of the highest quality materials and work great in any weather. There are swinging doors to let your dog roam freely or drop in doors to keep your pup from leaving.