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USC Trojans Pet ID Tag

All Hail and Wag Your Tail The USC Trojans Pet ID Tag will surely make your dog’s tail wag. Painted cardinal red and gold with high quality glossy color, this NCAA officially licensed pet tag is sure to stand out in a crowd. Trojans fans...

Utah Utes Pet ID Tag

Utah Dog! Calling all University of Utah students, alumni, and Utes fans! Not only can you support the Utes now, but your dog can too with the Utah Utes Pet ID Tag. Crimson red and black, this bone-shaped Utes tag is painted with high quality glossy...

Vancouver Canucks Pet ID Tags

Stand up and cheer for the Vancouver Canucks Pet ID Tag – Let them know who you and your dog root for! This NHL officially licensed pet tag comes in bone or round shape and is painted blue, silver and white to best represent the victorious Canucks...

Virginia Tech Hokies Pet ID Tag

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy! Get ready to cheer for the Virginia Tech Hokies Pet ID Tag. Officially licensed by the NCAA, this ultra-light tag is painted Virginia Tech signature colors, burnt orange and Chicago maroon. Because it’s made with high...

Washington Huskies Pet ID Tag

Bow Down to (the) Washington (Huskies Pet ID Tag) If you and your dog are U Dub (U.W.) fans then you will surely be a fan of this tag too. The Washington Huskies Pet ID Tag is a bone-shaped NCAA officially licensed dog tag. Painted with high quality...

Washington Nationals Dog Tag

For Citizens of NatsTown Word is spreading faster than the Racing Presidents can run - the Washington Nationals Dog ID Tag is here, and destined for your dog’s collar! This tag is officially licensed by the MLB and features the Nats’...

Washington Redskins Pet ID Tag

Get up out of your seats and cheer for the Washington Redskins Pet ID Tag. This ultra-light tag is made with high quality glossy color that is guaranteed to withstand rust. Your dog will be the coolest four-legged Redskins fan out there. Show off your...

Washington State Cougars Pet ID Tag

Get up out of your seats and cheer for the Washington State Cougars Pet ID Tag. This NCAA dog tag is shaped like a bone and is painted crimson red, silver and white to best represent Washington State University. Whether you are a fan of Cougars football,...

West Virginia Mountaineers Pet ID Tag

Get Ready for the UWV Dog Tag Get your dog excited for the West Virginia Mountaineers Pet ID Tag. An official NCAA tag, the Mountaineers Pet ID Tag is a bone shaped tag that is painted UWV blue and old gold so you and your furry friend can show your...

Colorado Avalanche Dog Tag

The perfect officially licensed NHL dog tag for any Colorado Avalanche fan! If your furry best friend is a diehard fan of the Avs, then our Colorado Avalanche Pet Tag is the perfect fit. This personalized dog tag comes in a circular shape and comes...

Tampa Bay Lightning Round Pet ID Tag

Perfect for Any Lightning Fan If you and your best friend are huge fans of the Bolts, then our Tampa Bay Lightning Pet ID Tag is definitely a great choice. This officially licensed NHL dog tag is durable, looks great, and is guaranteed for the life of...

Arkansas Razorbacks Dog Tag

Go Hog Wild Get ready to scream and shout for our Arkansas Razorbacks Dog Tag! This pet tag is officially licensed by the NCAA and is sure to look great on any fuzzy Hogs fan. The bone shaped dog tag features the black, white, and cardinal Razorbacks...

LA Dodgers Dog Tags

The Dogs in Blue Our LA Dodgers Dog Tags will make you want to cheer. These officially licensed MLB pet tags are perfect for any four legged fan of the Blue Crew. You can choose from either a round or bone shaped dog tag. The round dog tag features the...

Las Vegas Raiders Pet ID Tag

Get rough, get tough and get your pup ready to cheer on their favorite team with the Las Vegas Raiders Pet ID Tag. This NFL officially licensed dog tag is sure to make any Raiders fan cheer. To best show off the intense black and silver Raiders logo,...

LSU Tigers Pet Tag

Fight for LSU Get on your feet and scream for our LSU Tigers Pet Tag! This officially licensed NCAA pet ID tag is sure to be an instant classic. The bone shaped dog tag features the Tigers logo over a background of everyone’s favorite colors,...

Maryland Terrapins Dog ID Tag

Fight, Fight, Fight for Maryland! Get on your feet for our Maryland Terrapins Dog ID Tag! This officially licensed NCAA pet tag is sure to make your pooch look great and show your spirit in style. The classic bone shaped dog tag features the always...

Miami Dolphins Pet ID Tag

Crowds will cheer when they hear about your dog’s new Miami Dolphins Pet ID Tag. All Dolphins fans will surely cheer when they see the stunning high quality color of your pet’s ID tag. This stylish tag features the classic Dolphins logo that...

Miami Hurricanes Dog Tag

Hail to the Spirit of Miami U Stand up and cheer for our Miami Hurricanes Dog Tag! This pet ID tag is officially licensed by the NCAA and looks great on every four legged family member. The classic bone shaped dog tag prominently displays the...

Michigan State Spartans Dog Tag

Victory for MSU It’s time to get out of your seats and cheer for our Michigan State Spartans Dog Tag! This pet ID tag is officially licensed by the NCAA and is sure to look great on any pooch. The classic bone shaped dog tag comes in the...

Michigan Wolverines Dog ID Tag

The Victors Make some noise for our Michigan Wolverines Dog ID Tag! This personalized pet tag is officially licensed by the NCAA and will look great on any spirited pooch. The classic bone shaped dog tag features the classic Michigan “M”...

Minnesota Twins Dog Tag

We’re Gonna Win Twins Stand up and cheer for our Minnesota Twins Dog Tag! This officially licensed MLB pet tag is round in shape and will make any pooch look stunning. It features the classic red and blue Twins logo on a baseball background...

Minnesota Vikings Bone Pet ID Tag

Embrace your inner Viking with the Minnesota Vikings Pet ID Tag. The High Quality Glossy Color of the magnificent purple and gold Vikings logo will shine bright against your pooch’s fur. Just like the rough, tough and victorious Vikings, this pet...

Mississippi State Bulldogs Dog Tag

Hail State Stand up and shout for our Mississippi State Bulldogs Dog Tag! This pet ID tag is officially licensed by the NCAA and will look stunning on every pooch. It’s a classic bone shaped dog tag featuring maroon and white coloring with the...

Missouri Tigers Dog Tag

Fight, Tiger If you love Mizzou and your pooch does too, then you’ll love our Missouri Tigers Dog Tag. This bone shaped dog tag is sure to be an instant classic. It’s officially licensed by the NCAA and features everyone’s favorite...

Personalized Dog ID Tags

Helping dog owners find the best dog ID tags for their pets is how we got our name! dogIDs was founded by passionate dog lovers whose main interest is to make high-quality products that will keep dogs safe if they should get lost. We love helping other pet owners who are just as enthusiastic and compassionate toward their animals as we are.

We sell hundreds of top quality, deeply laser engraved pet tags so you can find the one that perfectly matches your dog’s personality. Use our preview tool to see exactly what your finished engraving will look like. Simply pick a font and enter your custom text. Then, the preview tool will display your personalized tag.

Choose the Best Dog ID Tag for Your Pet

The style of identification tag really depends on the lifestyle of your pet. There are a number of benefits to each type, which we’ve highlighted below. 

Hanging Dog ID Tags

These are your classic dog ID tags, available in a number of shapes including the classic disc, dog bone, star, heart, and more. We offer a variety of hanging tags with unique features, holiday styles, or artisan designs. Personalize your hanging ID tag with your pet’s name and any other information you like. Some of our tags may be engraved on both sides. Want to protect your hanging tag and keep it from jingling? Get a glow in the dark tag silencer to go along with it!

Slide-On Dog Collar Tags

If you have an open-ended collar for your dog, the slide-on dog ID tag could be a great option. These tags provide more space for personalization than traditional hanging tags and minimize noise. They won’t jingle with every move your dog makes. Our slide-on tags have ⅛-Inch wide openings that can easily slide onto open-ended leather, nylon, or waterproof collar straps. However, they cannot be used on collars with breakaway or quick release buckles.

Rivet-On Dog Collar Nameplates

The explanation is in the name! Our Rivet-On nameplates are installed onto your dog’s collar using either silver or gold rivets (they’ll match the color nameplate you choose). Like the slide-on tags, the rivet-on nameplate is silent. You can get a collar from us with a built-in nameplate, OR you can order one to install yourself. We’ll send installation instructions along with it. Don’t worry, it’s a snap!

Personalized Plastic & Metal Hybrid Buckles

Our plastic and metal hybrid dog collar buckles can be laser engraved, too! Customers love this option because it is a great use of space. Our buckles are available in three sizes and can hold a maximum of two lines of text (15 characters each), which is plenty of room for the necessary identification information. We offer a variety of personalized buckle collars in fun designs and styles, but you may purchase the buckle alone if you prefer to place it on your dog’s existing collar. 

Jingle-Free Plastic Tags for Collars & Leashes

If metal is not your style and you don’t want to have to worry about the installation of a buckle, we have just the product for you. The twist-on dog tag is easy to install on any strap, whether it’s a collar, harness or leash. Personalize the design inside and have a lightweight yet durable tag you can take anywhere your dog goes!

What Should I Put on My Custom Pet ID Tag?

It’s tough to decide how to personalize your dog’s tag, but your contact information can be a good place to start. Providing your pet’s name, your phone number and your address can help a stranger return your pet to the safety of your home in the event they ever become lost.

If you can type it, we can engrave it! Take the traditional highway, or get creative and clever with your message. We love seeing the neat personalization ideas our customers come up with! The amount of information displayed on the tag depends on its size. Each product page will tell you exactly how many lines and characters of personalization are available for the tag you’re interested in.

Guaranteed for Life

We’re so confident in our manufacturing process that we offer a guarantee on dogIDs tags for the life of your pet. Why? Because of our commitment to quality custom pet products! Many of our dog ID tags come with deep custom laser engraved personalization. Our engraving is durable enough to withstand abrasion from other tags as well as any sort of roughhousing your pup might put it through. So if your dog is what we like to call a “destroyer,” don’t worry! We promise our tags can handle it.

High-Quality Laser Engraved Dog ID Tags

We use high-power fiber lasers to engrave dog ID tags deep into the metal with customized information. This technology vaporizes and removes the metal, creating a clean, personalized message on your pet's tag that's guaranteed to never fade or rub off.

Our selection & supply of quality materials also plays a big part in the life and durability of these tags. We only use stainless steel, solid brass, gold-plated brass and nickel-plated brass for making our pet tags. We never use plated low-quality metals to ensure that our dog tags hold up for years without discoloring, fading or peeling.

Check out this video to learn more about how our engraving holds up over time.