Custom Dog Tags

Custom Dog Tags

Personalized Dog ID Tags, Deep Personalized Laser Engraving, Guaranteed for Life 

We make high quality custom dog ID tags with deep laser engraving and guarantee them for the life of your pet. The high power lasers we use and the knowledge we've gained over the decades we've been engraving custom pet ID tags allows us to help keep pets "known and safely home" for years and years. And just because our company name has "dog" in it, doesn't mean we only cater to dogs. Oh no, we love all animals here and make custom pet ID tags for all pets. Cats, horses, goats, cows, ferrets, you name it. We even make custom dog tags for people too with whatever personalized message your heart desires!

Custom Design Your Personalized Dog ID Tags

Believe it or not, there’s more to choosing a pet ID tag than you think but we have lots of options to help you design the personalized pet ID tag that's perfect for your dog. Hanging dog tags are available in several colors, shapes, and sizes. If you prefer tags that don't jingle, we have slide on dog collar nameplates and rivet on dog collar nameplates to install directly on collar straps. No matter which style dog tags you choose for your pet, please remember to include at least one phone number when deciding on what personal contact information to have engraved. Some of our hanging tags are even double sided with plenty of room for phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, microchip numbers, medical alerts or any other information that's important to you.

Our Commitment to Quality - Engravable Dog Tags Guaranteed for the Life of Your Pet 

dogIDs’ custom laser engraved tags are guaranteed for the life of your pet. If you find any part of our workmanship to be unsatisfactory, we will replace your pet tags at no cost to you. Our high-power lasers precisely and deeply engrave custom information into each tag. We don't just laser mark tags, we engrave them and deeply. Our lasers actually remove metal by vaporizing it. This also hardens the remaining surface where the metal was removed and produces dark text that is easy to read. What does this mean for you? It means the engraving will last for the life of your dog, guaranteed. Don't settle for "laser marked" or rotary engraved pet ID tags that need to be replaced frequently due to your contact information wearing off. Our dogs' safety is too important.

Custom Pet ID Tags with Hassle Free Shipping

Our flat-rate shipping ensures your dog's custom laser engraved ID tag will arrive on time and in mint condition, ready to wear. Browse our online collection, and relax knowing that dogIDs takes your pet’s safety seriously. "Known and Safely Home" is our tagline with good reason.