Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Exceptional Dog Tag Customization for Discriminating Dogs

Our traditional dog tags, that most people think of when hearing the term "dog tag", aren't just your typical name tags for dogs. dogIDs dog tags are premium quality, deeply laser engraved and customizable. Most of our dog name tags are made from thick stainless steel or solid brass of only the finest quality. We don't cut corners when it comes to pet tag materials. Lower quality metals can't stand up to the laser engraving process we put our tags through.

Our dog tag customization heritage started back in 2005 when was strictly a dog ID tag online storefront. At that time we produced just a handful of traditional hanging style ID tags for dogs. Brass personalized dog tags, and that was the extent of our product line. No name plates, collars, leashes, harnesses or any of the other products we now handcraft in our shop.

That's changed drastically over the years. We still produce pet tags for dogs primarily but, we love all animals and ship pet ID tags to customers all over the world for many kinds of pets...all shapes and sizes. Dog tags are an iconic product with a long history in the pet industry and here at dogIDs too.

Pet Tags for All Needs and Preferences

Since then we've expanded our offering of custom dog tags to hundreds of styles, shapes and colors, to accommodate all of the unique pet tag needs our customers have.

Our traditional round dog name tags and bone-shaped dog tags are the most popular dog tag shapes that we make. However, many of our customers also love our military dog tags for their pets, because there's a little more space to fit more customized text and make the font a little larger.

Whatever shape your prefer though, you can rest assured that each tag shape we offer is produced with thick stainless steel or solid brass, to make sure your dog tag continues looking fantastic no matter what your dog puts it through.

Custom Dog ID Tags Expands to Personalized Dog Collars

As time went by and people became more educated about dog identification, we noticed the trend shifting toward engraved dog collar name plates and personalized dog collars as well.

We got right to it. It helped of course that our founder, Clint, built a couple of other dog accessory businesses in the past that made collars, dog ID tags and leashes. He just so happened to have designed several custom dog tag, collar and leash product lines during those ventures. Dog collars with personalization were a natural fit and have become a big part of our product lines. So naturally, we recommend both dog tags and personalized collars for double identification protection.

Pet ID Tags Return Dogs Home Swiftly

Dog tags have been around for a long time and they are still a one of the most effective, practical and stylish ways to make sure our furry friends always have contact information on them at all times, to ensure fast return home to their family if they ever happen to get lost.

A Custom Pet Tag is a Simple Wardrobe Upgrade for Your Dog

There are also fashion and convenience aspects to traditional style dog tags. They're easy to swap from collar to collar or to harnesses depending on the look you want or if you want different contact information on your dog or your various dog accessories at different times.

Top Quality Custom Dog Tags That Last

We don't just use average materials for our pet tags. All of our dog ID tags are made with only the highest quality stainless steel and solid brass with generous thickness to ensure they don't bend or break. Dogs can be really hard on products, we know that all too well here at dogIDs, which is actually why the company was originally started. Only the best for your best friend.

We also use high power lasers to customize your information and make sure it never wears off - And we guarantee it won't for the life of your pet. The lasers we use for engraving actually vaporize the metal to remove it and then harden the metal underneath which also produces a nice dark surface area, an actual engraving etch mark, not just a black mark by discoloring the metal.

Our laser engraved custom dog tags are deeply engraved for an important reason. Your personal contact information is critical and will be readable if we have anything to do with it.