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Mendota Collapsible Dog Dish

Keeping your dog hydrated or well-fed while out and about is incredibly important. That's why the Mendota Collapsible Dog Dish is perfect for you and your pooch. This handy foldable dog bowl is great for traveling, exercising or out in...

Keep Your Pet Safe 

Dogs love to run around inside of vehicles and cats love to explore their new surroundings. Although it’s tempting to let your dog roam and stick his head out the window, it isn’t safe for him or the rest of your family.

Dogs are susceptible to the same injuries we are in the unfortunate event of a crash. In some ways, pets can be hurt even worse. Dogs can be injured from airbags, just as children can. You don’t allow children in the front seat, so why your dog? We all know seatbelts can save our lives by keeping us in the vehicle in an accident, so give your pet that same chance at staying alive in a deadly situation by picking out the right dog travel accessories for both of you.

Dogs can also hurt others during a crash or distract a driver so much that they cause a crash. According to a survey by AAA, three in 10 respondents admitted to being distracted by their dog while driving. In a crash at 50 mph, an unrestrained, 10-pound dog will fly through the air and exert about 500 pounds of force.

Keeping your dog in a buckled in carrier or on a zip line will prevent heartache and injury. There are also barriers that, at the very least, keep your dog contained in one part of your vehicle.

Food and Water Travel Accessories 

Our selection of travel food and water bowls for dogs will make it much easier for you to stick to your dog’s eating schedule while on the road. They are so easy to take along that you’ll have no problem getting your dog food and water when they need it most on a hot summer vacation day or a long fall hike. This type of dog travel gear is essential for active pet parents.

Protect Your Car, Truck or SUV 

We love our pets, but we also value the investment we’ve made in our vehicles. That’s why we have a variety of vehicle protection products available for you to choose from. Seat protectors, door guards and cargo area protectors will prevent you dog from being able to damage the interior of your vehicle.

Why Shop at dogIDs? 

We love finding ways for you and your pet to build a stronger relationship while helping you keep your dog safe, healthy and happy. This is why our team comes to work every day. If you have any questions about our products, please just give our customer service team a call at 800-720-8247.