Elk Antler Chews


Elk Antler Chews


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  • Antlers Collected from Certified Elk Raised in Minnesota
  • Renewable Resource
  • Contains Nutrient-Packed Marrow
  • Lasts Longer Than Rawhide
  • Available in 2 Sizes
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  • Product Description

Elk Antler Chews

Elk chews are a natural alternative to rawhide that are renewable, natural, and last longer than rawhide. Chews are available for small, medium, large and extra-large dogs!

Elk Outweighs Alternatives

Whether you’re considering rawhide or a different antler shed, the benefits of elk antler are unsurpassable.

These chews are premium grade antler, collected from a herd of certified elk raised in a pollution-free environment in Minnesota. The chews are fresh, nutritious and have a scent your pooch will love.

Traditional rawhide and wild sheds often lack these properties. Wild antler chews come from unknown environments, may be cleaned and/or preserved with chemicals, become dry easily, and often aren’t fresh enough to lock in nutrients.

Your next alternative would be a rawhide chew. Rawhide is made from cows and must go through extensive processing and preparation before your dog can consume it. It also breaks easier than elk antler.

Elk Antlers: Delicious, Nutritious, Renewable

Not only will your four-legged friend love the elk chew, but you’ll be happy when he benefits from the antler’s nutrients. Marrow is found within the bone, which acts as a natural doggy toothbrush and is packed full of nutrients that support your dog's wellbeing. Some nutrients found in antler include: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

There is also a high moisture content, which makes these taste better and last longer without splintering.

How are the antlers collected

Bull elk painlessly shed their antlers annually, and then regrow them again. The elk antlers are simply collected, power washed (without chemicals), dried, sanded on the edges for safety, and sent to you.

Simple. Natural. Easy. Renewable. Safe.

Product Highlights

  • From Elk Raised in Safe, Controlled Minnesota Environment
  • Elk Tested Annually for Disease
  • Renewable Resource, Antlers Shed and Regrow Annually
  • Nutrient Packed
  • Marrow is Healthy and Cleans Teeth
  • Excellent for Tough Chewers
  • Lasts Longer Than Rawhide and Wild Sheds
  • Will Not Splinter
  • Prepared Without Chemicals and Preservatives

Sizes - Please note, price will increase with size of antler. 

  • 8 inch LARGE – for Large to Extra-Large Breeds
  • 8 inch EXTRA-LARGE for Giant Breeds

 If you're worried that these chews might be just a bit too big for your small or teacup-sized pup, check out our elk antler chew tips, perfect for even the smallest breeds.