Expandable Small Pet Gate with Mini Door

Expandable Small Pet Gate with Mini Door

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  • Product Description

The Expandable Small Pet Gate with Mini Door is great for any entrance or doorway.


This is the most trouble-free dog gate. Simply put it in a doorway and use the adjustment mechanism to lock in place. The pressure mount system makes for an quick and easy set up.

This gate expands from 26-42”. It is 18” high. There is a mini pet door so that you can choose when to allow your pets to pass through without having to take down then entire gate.


Rubber bumpers make this gate gentle on walls and woodwork. The gate is made of steel. It is sturdy, durable, lead-free, non-toxic and chew-proof.


  • Expands from 26-42 Inches
  • 18 Inches High
  • Mini Pet Door - 9.5” H x 8.75” W
  • Bars Spaced at 1.75”

Est. Production Time: 3-5 business days

  • Expands 26" - 42"
  • 18" High
  • Mini Pet Door
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Perfect for Toy, Small & Medium Breeds