Hanging Dog Tags

Memorial Dog Tag

Whether it's been 10 days or 10 years, losing a beloved pet is never easy. But every pet owner agrees that our furry friends will always hold a place in our heart long after they are gone. Our Signature Memorial Dog Tag is perfect for honoring and...

Best Dog in the World Dog ID Tag

Who’s a good boy? Of course your pup is number one in your eyes. Why not show the world how great he is with the Best Dog in the World Dog ID Tag Best Quality for the Best Dog Here at dogIDs, we strive to provide the best for your best friend...

4th of July 1" Blue Dog ID Tag

Signature 4th Of July Dog ID Tags This Independence Day, don’t leave the dog out! Your four-legged friend can wear their red, white, and blue proudly with this 4th of July Dog ID Tag. This tag is available in blue lightweight aluminum with a...

Custom Snowflake Design Dog ID Tag

A Little Bit of Winter Do you wish winter could last forever Well, we can’t quite give you that, but, with the Snowflake Dog ID Tag, you can keep a piece of winter at your dog's collar all year round. Whether you’re looking for a tag to...

Halloween Pet ID Tags

Halloween Pet ID Tags Halloween is quickly approaching, meaning it is time to get your dog ready for the occasion! With these good looking and fun tags, everybody will be sure to notice your dog’s Halloween spirit. Fun Themed Options There are...

Special Occasion Pet ID Tags

Special Occasion Pet ID Tags If you are looking for an adorable way to seal the deal with a special someone or you already have and you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation, these Special Occasion Hang Tags are a perfect choice...

The dogIDs heritage started back in 2005. At that time we produced just a handful of traditional hanging dog tags for dogs. That was it. No collars, leashes, harnesses or any of the other products we now produce in our shop. Since then we've expanded our dog ID tag lines to hundreds of styles, shapes and colors to accommodate all of the unique needs our customers have.

Hanging dog ID tags have been around for a long time and they are still a very practical and stylish way to make sure our best friends always have contact information with them at all times to ensure fast return home to their family if they ever happen to get lost. There are also "jewelry" and convenience aspects to hanging dog tags. They're easy to swap from collar to collar depending on the look you want or if you want different contact information on your dog at different times.

We don't just use average materials for our hanging dog tags. All of our hanging tags are made with only the highest quality metals and generous thicknesses to ensure they don't bend or break. We also use high power fiber lasers to engrave your personalized information to make sure it never wears off - And we guarantee it won't for the life of your pet.