LED Dog Collars

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Your pup hasn’t experienced the high-tech canine life until you walk him or her on an LED dog collar. Within the assortment available at dogIDs, you'll find a variety of brightly lit collars and LED leashes.

What's better than knowing that your dog is always visible, day or night? Safety is important when it comes to your best friend. If the two of you enjoy going exploring after the sun goes down, then you need a collar and leash that will light the way for you. An LED collar also ensures that passersby will see your pooch if he or she happens to get away from you.

The LED Approach

LED dog collars are the wave of the future for our four-legged friends. They offer an incomparable level of safety because they capture the attention of drivers and passersby. Contrary to what you might be thinking, they're not expensive, either. Sooner than you think, Fido can be sauntering down the sidewalk, all lit up with pride and style.

We have collars for large and small dogs, allowing you to effortlessly find the right size for your pup. Alternatively, update your dog's existing collar with the help of one of our LED collar covers!

Take a look at the LED dog leashes and collars that you can find at dogIDs. On select orders, you get to take advantage of free US shipping, too.