Monster Walker Dog Leash

Monster Walker Dog Leash

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  • Product Description

Purpose with Safety

The Monster Walker Dog Leash is specially designed for dogs that pull. The safe and effective design is proven to reduce and eliminate pulling by safely putting pressure on the dog's abdomen rather than their neck. This allows your dog to feel the effects of their own pulling without choking them. This no pull leash is a safe and effective alternative to prong collars, traditional slip collars, and dog muzzle leaders. If you have a dog that seems to constantly pull no matter what you try, this dog leash is worth a try. Animals naturally do not like pressure on their abdomens, so this leash is as effective as they come.

Function and Style 

The Monster Walker Dog Leash is available in three attractive color combinations, which include blue/yellow, pink/white, and red/black. This training dog leash can be used with your dog’s current collar as long as it has a D-ring for attaching the leash once it is properly placed on your dog.

Perfect for Almost Any Dog

This dog leash is designed to train dogs 20 pounds or more. It even fits traditionally stockier breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier or an Old English Bulldog. Enjoy your walks again with your best friend when you use the Monster Walker Dog Leash!

Product Highlights:

  • Eliminates Pulling on Leash
  • Ready for use in 4 Easy Steps
  • For Dogs 20 lbs or More
  • Puts Pressure on the Dog's Stomach Rather Than Their Neck
  • Safe and Effective
  • 3 Great Color Options
  • Can be Used with Any D Ring Collar

Available Sizing:

  • Unassembled:  5 ft, 8 in Long
  • Assembled:  2 - 4 ft (Depends on Size of Dog)

Available Colors: 

  • Blue/Yellow
  • Pink/White
  • Red/Black

Instructions for Use:

  • Wrap Leash Around Dog’s Abdomen (Be Sure it is in Front of Groin)
  • Thread Leash Through Metal Ring, Including Clip
  • Attach Clip to D Ring of Your Dog’s Collar
  • Adjust Bellyband for Comfort


  • No Pull Leash
  • Safe Alternative to Choke Collars
  • Provides More Control to Human
  • Wraps Around Dog's Abdomen
  • Great for Training