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Laser Engraved Personalized Metal Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Metal Side Release Buckle

Looking for a sturdy buckle that’s perfect for all of your DIY projects? Our Engraved Metal Side Release Buckle is the perfect option for you and your pooch. This durable metal hybrid buckle can be used to make your own dog collar,...
Laser Engraved Plastic Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Buckles If you are someone who loves to make the most out of space, you'll love these Plastic Buckles with Laser Engraving. These military grade buckles not only keep the collar intact, they also feature space for engraving...

Why Buy a Personalized Dog Collar Buckle?

Do-it-yourself projects are making a comeback. Whether you’re weaving, sewing, or knitting – there are a ton of great homemade dog collar plans out there to follow.

If you’re already going through the trouble of making a personalized hand-made collar for your pet, why wouldn’t you upgrade it with an engraved buckle! You can fit personalized information about your dog or a fun message on the collar.


Get Creative with Engraved Plastic Buckles

We’ve had customers use our personalized dog collar buckles for a variety of other accessories, like backpacks, duffel bags and luggage. Engrave your buckle with your name and phone number and your travel items can be safely returned to you!

Personalized buckles are also a creative and easy way to keep your child’s belongings from getting lost – just attach one to their backpack and you can rest easy knowing their information is easy to read and easy to return.

Engraved Plastic Buckles

If you’re looking for a strong, durable buckle, we’d recommend our personalized plastic buckles. These buckles are made out of military-grade plastic, making them tough and lightweight.

Plastic buckles are great to dogs that like to pull or spend a lot of time on a lead. The engraving on the black plastic comes out as a cream color with nice contrast, making it easy to read.

Engraved Metal Hybrid Buckles

If you prefer the look of engraved metal, you will love our hybrid metal/plastic engraved buckles. The catch end of the buckle is made from aluminum and the hook end is made from industrial grade plastic. This preserves the durability of the buckle, especially for the spring of the clasp. The engraving on the metal buckle comes out as a dark brown color where the laser has burned away the layers of metal. 

What Size Buckle Is Best?

You want to base the size of your buckle on the size of the strap that you will be attaching it to. Both our personalized plastic and metal buckles come in a 1 inch size and a 5/8 inch size.

1 inch is a better fit for larger breed dogs with collar straps that are 1 inch wide, while small dog owners usually choose a thinner strap of 5/8 inch.


Great for Clubs, Teams and Other Organizations

Looking for a fun custom accessory for your group? We can do custom designs and bulk orders of personalized dog collar buckles for any occasion.

Our inside sales team and designers will work with you to help you develop a great engraved design to go on a bulk order of buckles. Visit our custom orders page for more information.

Why Purchase a Personalized Buckle from dogIDs?

We strive to provide the best customer experience from beginning to end. Our production team works hard to ensure that your personalized engraving comes out exactly the way you wanted and that the engraving is made to last.

Every engraved product that we sell has a lifetime guarantee. Have questions about our engraving process or personalized products? Contact our knowledgeable customer service team.