Reflective Tamarack Dog Winter Coat

Reflective Tamarack Dog Winter Coat

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  • Product Description

When winter comes, we know it's important to your dog's health and happiness to still be able to play outside. That's why we love the Reflective Tamarack Winter Coat for Dogs. It keeps your dog warm and dry while they frolic in the snow and has the added bonus of being made out of retroreflective material. 

Comfort & Durability

The Tamarack dog coats are made with a durable outer shell that is waterproof, reflective and can stand up to incredibly cold temps. This cozy parka has a faux fur collar as well as a zipper feature to make it easy for you to attach a leash to your furry friend. 

On the inside of the coat is a comfortable fleece liner for added warmth and comfort. The coat is cut just right underneath to keep your dog's belly warm but give them room for their potty breaks. 

Dual velcro closures underneath, combined with an elastic waistband, make it easy for you to put on and take off your dog's winter coat. 

Repelz It Protection 

Repelz-It Nano Protection is used in the production of this fleece lined coat. This special protection will keep your dog's coat smelling fresh and clean. It also helps the coat resist stains, dirt, and smells. What could be better

Product Highlights

  • Wind and Waterproof Outer Shell
  • Soft Fleece Liner with Repelz-It
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Insulation for Temps as Low as -10 Degrees
  • Dual Velcro Ensures Comfortable Fit
  • Sizes to Fit All Dog Breeds

Available Sizes:

The size is the length of the dog’s back.

For more information on sizing, see image below.

  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 14”
  • 16”
  • 18”
  • 20”
  • 22”
  • 24”
  • 26"

Coat Sizing Chart

Est. Production Time: 2-4 business days.

  • Outer Shell is Waterproof & Reflectiv
  • Rated for as Cold as -10° F
  • Repelz-It Nano Protection Fleece Lining
  • Full Belly Coverage
  • 9 Sizes