Santa's Little Yelper Christmas Dog Tag

Santa's Little Yelper Christmas Dog Tag


It takes up to 2 business days to make your custom tag.

  • Perfect for the Holidays
  • Personalized Information
  • 17 Font Options
  • 1 in Circle or 1 1/8 in Square Tag
  • Waterproof and Scratch Resistant
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  • Product Description


This Santa’s Little Yelper Christmas Tag is a must for your furry friend during the holiday season!

Holiday Design

The green and red colors with polka dot and snowflake design will assure that your dog will stand out during the winter months. This way your dog won’t feel left out when everyone else is in their Christmas attire! This tag is perfect for the winter months, family Christmas pictures or any holiday gathering.


Not only is this tag trendy for the holidays, but it is built to be functional and durable. This Christmas dog tag is resin sealed which means that it is scratch resistant and waterproof. It will hold up through all of the holidays that you get to spend with your furry friend. 

Safety Comes First

Although you want your dog to look great during the holidays, we promise you that they will be safe too. This Christmas dog tag allows 2 lines of personalized information with your choice of seventeen font options. That way, if your pup goes chasing Santa, this Christmas dog tag will help them get home safely. 

Product Features:
  • Christmas Design
  • Personalized Information
  • 2 Shape Options
  • Resin Sealed
  • Waterproof and Scratchproof
  • Round- 1” Diameter
  • Square- 1 1/8” Across



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