Therapy Dog Velcro Patches (Set of 2)

large and small Therapy Dog signs Therapy Dog Velcro Patches (Set of 2)

Therapy Dog Velcro Patches (Set of 2)


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  • Easy to Read Text
  • Set of 2 Patches
  • Long Lasting Embroidery
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Removable Velcro Application
  • Black & White for Best Contrast
True Sizing

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  • Product Description

Therapy Dog Velcro Patches (Set of 2)

Visible identification is key to a successful therapy dog’s job. With these Therapy Dog Velcro Patches made specifically for the Mesh Service Dog Vest by SitStay, your working dog’s status will always be made clear.

The large, white text contrasts with the black patch to bring you an easily readable patch. Therapy Dog is embroidered onto the patch for a long-lasting and durable design that won’t fade, stretch, or peel. Velcro the set of two onto each side of your dog’s vest and you can remove or change out the patches easily.

Patch sizing is based on the size of the vest your dog wears, accommodating for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Service Dog Classification Note:

The therapy dog vests and patches are sold strictly for legitimate identification purposes. Vests that identify service dogs should only be used for professional working dogs and upon purchase, the customer agrees to assume all liability including litigation and any associated costs that may occur as a result of misrepresentation or misuse of these patches. For more information, read the Americans with Disabilities Act law regarding service animals.

Product Highlights:

  • Made Exclusively for the Mesh Service Dog Vest by SitStay
  • Embroidered Text for Durability
  • White Text to Contrast with Black Background
  • Removable & Reusable Velcro Application
  • Available in 2 Sizes to Accommodate Dogs of All Sizes


  • Small (Fits Vests Sizes XXS, XS, S)
  • Large (Fits Vests Sizes M, L, XL)




True Sizing