30 Inch Large Kensington Indoor Dog Gate

30 Inch Large Kensington Indoor Dog Gate

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  • Product Description

Do you need a large, adjustable dog gate for your furry friend The 30 Inch Large Kensington Indoor Dog Gate is the perfect fit for you.


This large indoor dog gate has many features to safely and effectively contain your dog. The first feature is rubber feet on the base legs that prevent sliding on hardwood floors.

The 18 inch base legs were designed wide to prevent tipping to keep your dog from tipping the gate over and getting out.


This indoor dog gate doesn’t require attachment to the walls which means that setup and takedown does not require any tools. Also, you can easily adjust the gate and place it wherever you want to best contain your pup!

Not only is this gate easy to pack up, but you can transport it easily too!

Finish Options

This dog gate isn’t just effective for containing your furry friend because the beautiful hardwood can be finished with mahogany, black, artisan bronze or wood/wire artisan bronze. You can choose whichever finish best matches your home.


Aside from the great look and effective containment, this large indoor gate is made with care and attention to detail so that it can last for years.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful Hardwood Panels
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Flexible Two-Piece Hinge Design
  • Rubber Feet to Prevent Sliding
  • Freestanding Design
  • 18 Inch Base Feet to Prevent Tipping
  • 4 Finish Options
  • Amish Handcrafted
  • 30 Inches Tall
  • 40 Inches to 72 Inches Wide

Est. Production Time: 3 to 5 business days.

  • Adjustable Hardwood Panels
  • Large 18 Inch Base Legs
  • 4 Finish Options
  • 30 Inches Tall
  • 40 Inches to 72 Inches Wide