Unique Dog Tags

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Paw Print Design Dog ID Tags

Want your dog to have a one-of-a-kind tag you can’t find anywhere else Check out our dogIDs Paw Print Design Dog ID Tags. Each tag is made of stainless steel or brass. We engrave each tag with our exclusive paw print design and personalize it...
dogIDs Signature Tough Paw Dog ID Tags

dogIDs Signature Tough Paw Dog ID Tags

Does your pup need super strength products? Look no further. Our dogIDs Signature Tough Paw Dog ID Tags are incredibly durable. Made with 1/8” thick stainless steel, these personalized dog tags are sure to withstand any force trying to bend or...

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Dog Tag

Is your furry friend known to wander the neighborhood We understand how easy it is to get caught up stopping to smell the roses, that’s why we made dogIDs Signature Not All Who Wander Are Lost Tag. High-Quality Materials &...
Glitter Enamel Stainless Steel Dog ID Tags

Glitter Enamel Stainless Steel Dog ID Tags

Shine Bright Help your pet sparkle with our Glitter Enamel Stainless Steel Dog Tag. These stainless steel tags come in three fun enamel designs: bone, heart or paw print. No matter the design, each tag is surrounded in glistening glitter that will leave...

Enamel Designer Dog ID Tags by Andrew

Looking for a custom dog tag for your four-legged friend Our Enamel Designer Dog ID Tags by Andrew are a fun, colorful answer to your prayers. These stainless steel dog tags are designed by Andrew himself, one of our designer partners.  With 11...

Custom Dog Breed ID Tags

Have your dog wear his breed with pride on a beautiful laser engraved dogIDs Custom Dog Breed ID Tag! Quality Materials, Quality Engraving Our top quality stainless steel or brass tags are completely made here in the USA and are guaranteed for...

Have Your People Call My People ID Tag

Some dogs are just meant to be on the big screen. They dream of being in the spotlight and having as many treats as their little hearts desire. If your dog is a diva, then they will absolutely love the Have Your People Call My People ID Tag. Only the...

Signature Call My Human Dog ID Tag

If our dogs had thumbs, they would likely be texting and calling us all day long asking for treats and belly rubs! Unfortunately, they don’t have thumbs. So if they wander a little too far from home, they can’t call their human for help!...

Signature Oh Shit I'm Lost Dog ID Tag

When we get lost we usually say some pretty choice words. When your dog gets lost, they are probably thinking the same thing. Since your pooch can’t speak, put their thoughts into words with the Signature Oh Shit I’m Lost Dog Tag. Not a fan...

Feather Design Dog ID Tag

The Feather Design Dog ID Tag is the perfect look for a boho pup. Add a touch of personality to your dog’s collar. The Finest Quality This arrow design tag is sure to withstand everything your pup will put it through. Each tag is made of durable...

Dog Bone Design ID Tag

The Dog Bone Design ID Tag is the perfect combination of style and safety. Your dog's tag will come with a cute design and your pertinent information on it. Personalization This signature tag comes with the option to put your dog’s name on the...

DogSpeak Pet ID Tags

DogSpeak Pet ID Tags What would your dog say if they could speak With our new line of DogSpeak Pet ID Tags, you can choose one of our multiple fun and witty sayings that do the talking for your pet to match their one of a kind personality. These tags...

I'm Kind of a Big Deal Dog Tag

If your dog loves being the center of attention, the I’m Kind of a Big Deal Dog Tag is the perfect way to highlight their personality. Featuring our signature design on the front and your personalization on the back, everyone your dog meets will...

Sport Dog Round ID Tags

These Sport Dog Round ID Tags are dedicated to those dogs and their human companions to tell the world what their favorite outdoor passion is.  Whether your dog likes running in a field, jumping or hunting, we have a perfect dog ID tag for you...

Heraldic Lion Dog ID Tag

Heraldic Lion Dog ID Tag The perfect symbol of status and nobility, dogID’s Heraldic Lion Dog ID Tag is a distinct tag for man’s best friend. Show your pup’s pride and any important information right on their collar! Personalize...

I am Microchipped Bone ID Tag

“I am Microchipped” Bone ID Tag Chances are your dog has wandered off and gotten lost at some point. With this new I Am Microchipped Bone ID Tag, your dog will make it home to you. This tag has everything you love about a...

Signature Eat, Sleep, Bark Repeat Dog Tag

Dogs have it pretty easy. Sometimes all they seem to do is eat, take naps and howl at the mailman. Get your pup a funny tag that shows off their lazy lifestyle with the Eat, Sleep, Bark, Repeat Dog ID Tag. Made with the Best Quality is our main focus...

Cross Dog ID Tag

Cross Dog ID Tag Personalize your family dog’s collar with the Cross Dog ID Tag. You will be able to create a special tag with a cross symbol and your little angel’s name! We care about the safety of your pup, so our tags are durable and we...

Sheriff Badge Dog ID Tag

Sheriff Badge Dog ID Tag There’s a new dog in town, and our Sheriff Badge Dog ID Tag is made to match your dog’s personality. Engrave the tag to fit your pup’s style and show off your top dog. Featuring your dog’s name and his...

Skull Design Dog ID Tags

Show ‘em What You’ve Got Let everyone know what your pup is made of with dogIDs Skull Design Dog ID Tags. Choose from three different skull designs to highlight how cool, cute, and sassy your pet is. We engrave each of our signature skull...

Fleur de Lis Dog Tag

As dog owners, you always want to treat your pups like the royalty that they are, and now you can with this Fleur de Lis Dog Tag. All things royal are longlasting, which means that you get the option of durable stainless steel or brass tag...

I Love My Mommy & Daddy Dog ID Tags

As dog owners ourselves, we know all about the relationship between a dog and his human. We love our pets like children and they love us too. That’s why we created our dogIDs “I Love…” Dog ID Tags. Each pet tag comes in either...

Medical Alert Dog Tags

An Important PrecautionSince your dog can’t speak for herself to explain to strangers her medical needs, these Medical Alert Tags have been designed by dogIDs to easily inform others to be aware of special needs or provide emergency response...

Yin & Yang Dog ID Tag

Yin & Yang Dog ID Tag Give your loving pup a special tag to reflect their unique personality. The Yin & Yang Dog ID Tag is the ideal combination of the intelligence and energy you see in your dog every day! Made to order with space on the...

A Tag as Unique as your Pet! 

Sometimes traditional metal tags just don't project your dog's personality that you see every day. If that's the case, why not add some extra color, style or maybe even a fun message to your dog's ID tag? All engraved unique dog tags come with a lifetime guarantee. Browse our extensive selection of unique dog ID tags to find the one that fits your dog's fun-loving personality today!

Unique Pets Deserve Unique Dog ID Tags!

ID tags make your pup stand out and let their human friends know their name and information. If you have a wanderer on your hands, it makes it even more important to have an ID.

There are a lot of different breeds out there and no two dogs are the same. That's why we have a huge collection of unique pet tags to choose from. Select your favorite from more than 75 different unique dog ID tags.

We offer a large variety so you can choose which one best suits your unique pup! From enamel designs on stainless steel with engraved text to sublimated aluminum, you’re sure to find a unique design that piques your interest. We even carry tags for specific holidays and special occasions, so your dog can dress up with you.

How do you know which unique dog ID tag to choose?

There are a few things you can consider when picking out a funky dog ID tag.

What drew you to your pet? Personality! So your first step is to think of personality - what makes your dog stand out? Perhaps your dog makes you think of a specific color. Color is incredibly important for standing out!

Next you need to determine how much information you want to put on the tag. Some of our designer ID tags only have room for a few lines of text, while other tags offer engraving on the front and the back. At dogIDs, our highest priority is your dog’s safety - so making sure you have all of the information needed on the tag is essential.

Last, you need to choose what size pet tag you need. You want to choose a size that will fit nicely on your dog and not overpower them, but you want to make sure it’s large enough to showcase the custom design that you chose for your pooch. We generally recommend the smaller sizes of ID tag for small and toy breeds, and the larger tag sizes for the medium and large breeds.

For some of our favorite one-of-a-kind ID tags, check out our blog: Top Unique Dog Tags

What if my dog is micro-chipped?

Microchipping is a great way to keep your dog safe and help veterinarians and shelters return your pet to you should they get lost.

However, microchipping alone is not enough. Most of the people that will find your dog if they get lost will not have access to a microchip scanner, and might not know to bring a dog in for their neck to be scanned.

Therefore, the best way to make sure your dog is identified is by fitting them with a personalized ID tag. This makes it easy for good samaritans to do the right thing and return your pet to you if they find them.

What should I put on my tag?

When choosing the text to go on your dog’s tag, consider the kind of person that is going to find your dog if they are lost. Would it be a neighbor? Someone at the dog park? Think about what information they would want to know so that they can easily and safely return your dog home.

We feel that the most important thing you can put on the dog’s name tag is your contact phone number. If you have more than one phone number that you’d want them to try, put it on the tag as well.

After that, we’d recommend adding the dog’s name, your name and any special needs your dog may have.

How long will my tag last?

We only use the highest quality materials to make our unique dog ID tags and stick to high-tech methods of personalization like engraving and sublimation to make sure the personalization stands that test of time.

Because of our efforts, we are able to guarantee our designer tags for the lifetime of your dog. If you should have any issues with your tag at all, you can reach out to us and we’ll replace it for you.