Unique Dog Tags

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Paw Print Design Dog ID Tags

As low as: $18.00
Want your dog to have a one-of-a-kind tag you can’t find anywhere else Check out our dogIDs Paw Print Design Dog ID Tags. Each tag is made of stainless steel or brass. We engrave each tag with our exclusive paw print design and personalize it...

Have Your People Call My People ID Tag

As low as: $15.00
Some dogs are just meant to be on the big screen. They dream of being in the spotlight and having as many treats as their little hearts desire. If your dog is a diva, then they will absolutely love the Have Your People Call My People ID Tag. Only the...

Casbah Pattern Eco-Friendly Plastic Dog Tags

As low as: $14.00
Is your pup in need of a new tag The Casbah Pattern Eco-Friendly Plastic Dog Tag is the perfect thing to keep them stylish and safe. Customize Your Tag You get to choose from six color options for your Moroccan print dog tag. There are also eight color...

"Hello My Name Is" Twist On Dog Tag

As low as: $18.00
Hello. Bonjour. Caio. Hola. Help your pet greet everyone they meet with this Hello My Name Is Twist On Dog Tag. Unique and Durable This tag is unlike any other. Simply place the bottom portion under the strap of the collar, harness, or leash and use...

"Outdoorsdog" Handmade Artisan Evergreen Copper Dog Tag

As low as: $43.00
Is your dog an “outdoorsdog” Whether he is a hunting dog, camping dog, hiking dog, or simply loves being outside, your pet is sure to look great in our “Outdoorsdog” Handmade Artisan Evergreen Copper Dog Tag. Made from oxidized...

Anchor Design Dog ID Tag

As low as: $18.00
Anchor Design Dog ID Tag Come sail away, come sail away with us! The Anchor Design Dog ID Tag is perfect for your nautical pup or dog who loves the water. These tags feature dogIDs laser engraving and personalization options that we guarantee to...

Animal Print Dog ID Tag

As low as: $17.00
This Animal Print Dog ID Tag will keep your dog looking stylish as ever. The tag comes in either a leopard or a zebra print, both accented with bright colors. Stylish & Safe Not only do these dog tags look good, but they serve a greater purpose:...

Antlers Holiday Pet ID Tag

As low as: $17.00
Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your puppy or loved one this holiday season Search no more and try the Antlers Holiday Pet ID Tag. Festive red and green create a border around a unique set of reindeer antlers that surrounds your pet’s...

Arrow Design Dog Tag

As low as: $18.00
Does your dog have a free spirit and just has to let it show Then they will love the Arrow Design Dog Tag! This beautifully crafted ID tag is sure to point your pet in the right direction. Only the Best Quality Each stainless steel or brass tag is sure...

Arrow Pet ID Tag

As low as: $17.00
Arrow Pet ID Tag Here at dogIDs, we know that not only do you want pet products to be functional, but look great as well. Our Arrow Pet ID Tag offers just that! This dog ID tag is incredibly cute and is also built to last. The Trendiest Tag Featuring...

Best Dog in the World ID Tag

As low as: $15.00
Who’s a good boy Of course your pup is number one in your eyes. Why not show the world how great he is with the Best Dog in the World ID Tag Best Quality for the Best Dog Here at dogIDs, we strive to provide the best for your best friend. Our...

Big Foot Handmade Nickel & Copper Artisan Dog Tag

As low as: $85.00
Whether you and your pup love a good folk tale or maybe he just has big feet of his own, the Big Foot Handmade Artisan Dog Tags are a great tribute to sasquatch. Custom Made for Your Pup Made with love in Montana, these thick dog tags are made of...

Bitches Love Me Dog Tag

As low as: $15.00
Does your dog make the ladies swoon All the lady dogs wish they were with him and all the guy dogs wish they were him. He knows he’s a ladies’ man, now let him show it with the Bitches Love Me Dog Tag. It’s Not Easy Being So...

Bone Heart Custom ID Tag

As low as: $15.00
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Why don’t you give me a bone or two Help fuel your dog’s passion for bones with the Bone Heart Custom ID Tag. Quality as Strong as Their Love Dogs love bones so much they probably dream about them. With a...

Bone with Bow Handmade Artisan Dog Tag

As low as: $35.00
Whether your girl pup is a total diva dog, a fancy fashionista dog, or maybe even a stylish boy dog, our Bone with Bow Handmade Artisan Dog Tags are the perfect accessory for any cute pup. Custom Made for Your Pet Made with love in Montana using...

Call My People Pet ID Tag

As low as: $18.00
A Tag to Freak Out About You and your pup are going to love the fun and silly dogIDs Call My People Pet ID Tag. This high quality ID tag comes in stainless steel or brass. Even better, you can choose between a bone shaped tag or a military tag. Whether...
Camouflage Dog Tag

Camouflage Dog Tag

As low as: $17.00
Treat your pup to a unique and trendy Camouflage Dog Tag! This camo dog tag has a camouflage border with a green inner circle. In the circle you can personalize up to three lines of information. The tag is offered in either a round or square shape...

Camp Jean Engraved Dog Tag

As low as: $15.00
Camp Jean Engraved Dog Tag Now you can show your support of Camp Jean with a personalized dog tag. The front of each brass or stainless steel tag will be engraved with the Camp Jean logo and the backside will be engraved with up to four lines of...

Chevron Dog ID Tags

As low as: $17.00
Chevron Dog ID Tags Some dogs zig and some dogs zag, but all dogs look cute in a colorful chevron pattern. These Chevron Dog ID Tags come in 3 color combinations and two shapes. They will make the cutest addition to your furry friend’s...

Christmas Dog ID Tags

As low as: $15.00
Bring out your dog’s festive side with these creative Christmas Dog ID Tag. Fun Designs Choose from one (or more) of our 7 holiday-inspired designs. Once you’ve picked your design, you can choose from either a red or green aluminum tag in 2...

Colorful Aluminum ID Tags

As low as: $15.00
Looking for a pop of color for your dog’s collar Look no further than the Colorful Aluminum ID Tags! Available in two sizes and eight fun colors, you will have no trouble finding the perfect tag for your pooch.Each lightweight aluminum tag comes...

Colors of the Rainbow Pet ID Tag

As low as: $17.00
Colors of the Rainbow Metal Pet ID Tags Add a little sunshine and rainbows to your pup’s day- and to their collar! The Colors of the Rainbow Metal Pet ID Tags are bright and built to last. These sterling silver-plated tags are shiny and have a...

Copper Heart Dog Friendship Jewelry

As low as: $79.00
The Copper Heart Dog Friendship Jewelry is the best way to show off the everlasting love you have for your furry friend. Furry Friend Some may call us “Crazy Dog People,” but there’s no need to be ashamed. The adorable best friend dog...

Craft Flower Dog Tag

As low as: $17.00
Treat your pup to a cutesy Craft Flower Dog Tag! You can choose from green, pink, purple or blue for the color of your tag. You can also choose the shape of the tag, round or square. Your dog will look even more adorable with this tag hanging on their...

A Tag as Unique as your Pet! 

Sometimes traditional metal tags just don't project your dog's personality that you see every day. If that's the case, why not add some extra color, style or maybe even a fun message to your dog's ID tag? All engraved unique dog tags come with a lifetime guarantee. Browse our extensive selection of unique dog ID tags to find the one that fits your dog's fun-loving personality today!

Unique Pets Deserve Unique Dog ID Tags!

ID tags make your pup stand out and let their human friends know their name and information. If you have a wanderer on your hands, it makes it even more important to have an ID.

There are a lot of different breeds out there and no two dogs are the same. That's why we have a huge collection of unique pet tags to choose from. Select your favorite from more than 75 different unique dog ID tags.

We offer a large variety so you can choose which one best suits your unique pup! From enamel designs on stainless steel with engraved text to sublimated aluminum, you’re sure to find a unique design that piques your interest. We even carry tags for specific holidays and special occasions, so your dog can dress up with you.

How do you know which unique dog ID tag to choose?

There are a few things you can consider when picking out a funky dog ID tag.

What drew you to your pet? Personality! So your first step is to think of personality - what makes your dog stand out? Perhaps your dog makes you think of a specific color. Color is incredibly important for standing out!

Next you need to determine how much information you want to put on the tag. Some of our designer ID tags only have room for a few lines of text, while other tags offer engraving on the front and the back. At dogIDs, our highest priority is your dog’s safety - so making sure you have all of the information needed on the tag is essential.


Last, you need to choose what size pet tag you need. You want to choose a size that will fit nicely on your dog and not overpower them, but you want to make sure it’s large enough to showcase the custom design that you chose for your pooch. We generally recommend the smaller sizes of ID tag for small and toy breeds, and the larger tag sizes for the medium and large breeds.

For some of our favorite one-of-a-kind ID tags, check out our blog: Top Unique Dog Tags

What if my dog is micro-chipped?

Microchipping is a great way to keep your dog safe and help veterinarians and shelters return your pet to you should they get lost.

However, microchipping alone is not enough. Most of the people that will find your dog if they get lost will not have access to a microchip scanner, and might not know to bring a dog in for their neck to be scanned.

Therefore, the best way to make sure your dog is identified is by fitting them with a personalized ID tag. This makes it easy for good samaritans to do the right thing and return your pet to you if they find them.

What should I put on my tag?

When choosing the text to go on your dog’s tag, consider the kind of person that is going to find your dog if they are lost. Would it be a neighbor? Someone at the dog park? Think about what information they would want to know so that they can easily and safely return your dog home.

We feel that the most important thing you can put on the dog’s name tag is your contact phone number. If you have more than one phone number that you’d want them to try, put it on the tag as well.

After that, we’d recommend adding the dog’s name, your name and any special needs your dog may have.

How long will my tag last?

We only use the highest quality materials to make our unique dog ID tags and stick to high-tech methods of personalization like engraving and sublimation to make sure the personalization stands that test of time.

Because of our efforts, we are able to guarantee our designer tags for the lifetime of your dog. If you should have any issues with your tag at all, you can reach out to us and we’ll either replace or repair it for you.