5 Pet Products You Never Knew You Needed

Having a dog can be loads of fun. And also, loads of work!

Lucky for us, we live in a time where pet ownership is getting more popular by the minute. That means that creative people are coming up with a creative solution to the problems pet owners face every day.

On dogIDs.com, we have a ton of inventive products that make dog parenting so much easier.

Here's our list of the Top 5 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed!

Top 5 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed

1. The Fifth Paw

Sick of doing the walk of shame when you have to carry your dog's poo? The Fifth Paw makes it easy to attach your "full" bags to your dog's leash while walking.


2. The LED Lighted Dog Leash

Wishing you could feel "seen" while walking your dog at night? A lighted leash is the way to go! In fact, there are a variety of LED products we carry that you can use to make outdoor night time safer and easier.

3. The Waterproof Dog Coupler

Walking two dogs at once can be tricky! Make your life easier with a waterproof dog coupler. Attach to your existing leash to help your dogs walk easily. If you need to add more dogs to your pack, we also have matching extenders.

A coupler can be used to walk multiple dogs

4. The Personalized Not So Fast Bowl

Have you ever noticed that dogs eat like it's their last meal for EVERY meal? Eating too fast is can have serious health risks for your pooch, especially if they are a larger breed.

The Not So Fast bowl is designed to slow them down, making them do a little work for each morsel of kibble. And we'll engrave it with whatever you'd like!

personalized stainless steel not so fast dog bowl

5. The Zipline Vehicle Pet Restraint

Most dogs love riding in the car, but their humans might not enjoy sharing the drive with them. To keep everyone in your car safe and free from distractions, it's best to keep your dog secured in your vehicle.

With the Zipline Vehicle Pet Restraint, you can attach your dog to a harness connected to the handles on either side of the vehicle. This will keep them in a specific zone of the car and allow them some wiggle room.

Do you have a favorite dog product that you never knew you needed? Has it made your life easier? Share in the comments.

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