5 Pet Products You Never Knew You Needed

Having a dog can be loads of fun. And also, loads of work!

Lucky for us, we live in a time where pet ownership is getting more popular by the minute. That means that creative people are coming up with a creative solution to the problems pet owners face every day.

On dogIDs.com, we have a ton of inventive products that make dog parenting so much easier.

Here's our list of the Top 5 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed!

Top 5 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed

1. Personalized Dog Food Travel Bag

Sick of feeling unorganized and having multiple stashes of dog food scattered while traveling? Our personalized dog food travel bag is an amazing solution while traveling. It's personalized so if you have multiple dogs, you know who's getting fed what food, no matter who's doing the feeding.

The small size holds 7 lbs of dry food and large holds 14 lbs. It's also water resistant and has a velcro with plastic buckle closure to insure your dog's food stays fresh and never spills. Available in several colors.

2. Waterproof Jaeger Lead

Jaeger leads are very popular with professional trainers but we have always wondered why others don't also opt for one.

Our waterproof jaeger lead is such a universal leash. It can be adjusted for different lengths, used as a slip lead, an over-the-shoulder leash, traffic leash, etc. And since it's waterproof, it's super easy to clean and stays dry.

3. Waterproof Dog Coupler

Walking two dogs at once can be tricky! Make your life easier with a waterproof dog coupler. Attach to your existing leash to help your dogs walk easily. If you need to add more dogs to your pack, we also have matching extenders.

Oh, and each strap is personalized so it's a good reminder for others when walking your dog.

4. Personalized Not So Fast Bowl

Have you ever noticed that dogs eat like it's their last meal for EVERY meal? Eating too fast is can have serious health risks for your pooch, especially if they are a larger breed.

The Not So Fast Dog Bowl is designed to slow them down, making them do a little work for each morsel of kibble. And we'll engrave it with whatever you'd like!

5. S-Biner Locking Dog Tag Clip 

If you find yourself switching dog ID tags from collar to collar and don't want to be hassled with S hooks and split rings, an S-Biner is the ticket.

It makes the dog tag swapping task much quicker and easier. It also has a locking mechanism to ensure your dog's tags stay safe and securely attached.

Do you have a favorite dog product that you never knew you needed? Has it made your life easier? Share in the comments.

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