Bench Seat Car Cuddler for Dogs

Bench Seat Car Cuddler for Dogs

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Comfy as a Cloud

The best features of a car seat cover and a dog bed combine in the Bench Seat Car Cuddler.  The center is ultra soft faux sheepskin your pup will love to lay on. The outside has a plush bolster that your pooch can rest their head on or snuggle up to.

Restless dogs often wander the car, going from the back to the front and maybe even trying to climb on your lap. Having a bed they can relax on will make them feel more at home and prevent distracting movements.

Frequent Road-Tripper

If you travel with your fur babies a lot, this product is a must! There’s ample room for multiple dogs or if you only have one that likes space to move around. It won’t slide around on long car rides thanks to the tube that goes between the seat cushions.

If your car has leather seats your dog may have trouble keeping traction when you turn or stop suddenly. Having this pet seat cover keeps them from sliding around and potentially getting hurt. If you want to be sure they are safe if you get in an accident, the Solvit Pet Vehicle Restraint is a great addition. The Car Cuddler has openings so you can buckle the seatbelt and attach the car harness.

Uphold Your Upholstery

We love our dogs but they can get messy. Whether it’s just hair and dirt from normal play or getting into some mud, all that gunk gets everywhere - especially your car. The Car Cuddler works like a bench seat cover so all the dirt goes onto it instead of your seats.

Cleaning this pet bed seat cover is a breeze! Simply shake off the loose debris, take out the bolster filling and throw it in your washing machine.

Is your dog a nester If your dog likes to scratch before they lie down, it can tear up your seats. The Car Cuddler is durable enough to withstand their frequent scratching and keep your back seats in good shape.

Installing the Car Cuddler

Setting up your Car Cuddler is easy, secure and works in most standard vehicles.

  1. To begin installing it in your car, set the Cuddler on your car seat. Loop the headrest strap over your headrest and adjust.
  2. There is a special tube on the back of the Car Cuddler that helps it stay put. Push this in between the seat back cushion and seat bottom cushion to hold the bed in place.
  3. Take the straps underneath the Cuddler and wrap them around the seat corner and connect to an anchor on the side of the Cuddler. (Depending on your vehicle, this step may not work)
  4. You can now connect the seat belt through a slit in the side of the  Car Cuddler where you can attach a pet seat belt harness, such as the Dog Car Harness & Restraint, for added safety. 

Components of a Car Cuddler

  • Dog Bed with Bolster for Added Comfort
  • Adjustable Headrest Strap to Hold Up Back Cover
  • Specially Made Tube that Goes between Seat Back Cushion & Seat Bottom Cushion to Prevent Sliding
  • Strap & Adjustable Attachment Points to Anchor to Front of Seat
  • Hole for Seat Belt to Buckle Through, Allows the Lap Section to Be Covered by Fabric

Product Highlights:

  • Great for Multiple Dogs
  • Soft Yet Durable Sheepskin Center and Plush Bumper for Ultimate Comfort
  • Machine Washable for Easy Cleaning
  • 2 Seat Anchors & Adjustable Headrest Straps So It Won’t Slide Around
  • Pair with the Dog Car Restraint & Harness for Additional Safety
  • Micro-Suede Available in 2 Colors


  • Bed Area: 19 in Long x 55 in Wide x 5 in Deep
  • Bed Area Including Seat-Back Portion: 40 in Long x 55 in Wide x 5 in Deep

Available Colors:

  • Brown
  • Gray

Available in a smaller size for bucket seats or dogs up to 30 pounds - Car Cuddler for Small Dogs


Est. Production Time: 2-4 business days

  • Machine Washable
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Constructed of Soft Faux Sheepskin & Micro-Suede Fabric
  • Fits Most Standard Bench Seats
  • Easy Installation