3 Spring Grooming Tips for a Happy Dog

Healthy fur makes for a happy dog. But when your dog grows a thick coat in the winter, keeping it groomed and tangle-free isn’t always easy. That’s why spring is an important time to give your dog a good grooming.

Follow these three grooming tips to prepare your dog for spring:

1. Brush your dog regularly.

Whether your dog is short-haired or long-haired, repeated brushing removes loose hair from their winter coat and keeps it healthy and shiny. Choose brushes or combs that are gentle on your dog’s fur and skin, and see a professional groomer if you run into any tangles that are too tough to handle.

2. Bath time!

After a thorough brushing, give your dog a bath to help loosen any winter coat that remains. Use conditioner if your dog’s fur is especially dry or difficult to run your fingers through. Make sure you rinse well to prevent skin irritation from leftover shampoo or conditioner.

3. Final brushing and trimming.

Another gentle brush will help remove any fur that was loosened during your dog’s bath. After the final brushing, clean their ears, trim their nails and check their paw pads for dry spots that need moisturizing or fur that might also need to be trimmed.

After a good brushing, a bath and some trimming up, your dog will feel refreshed and ready for spring. And with less loose fur to pick up during spring cleaning, so will you! Keeping your dog groomed year-round is an important way to ensure your dog will be happy, healthy and completely comfortable in any season.

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Today's blog was written by guest writer, LaRissa Nelson. Thanks for getting into the spring spirit with us, LaRissa!