5 Best Dog Tags of 2024: Comprehensive Review and Buyer’s Guide

A personalized dog tag is a stylish way to keep your furry friend safe, no matter where they roam. The best dog tags instantly alert kind strangers that your pup is not a stray. They should also provide legible, accessible instructions for returning them to you.

Today, you can even find enhanced dog tags featuring QR code technology. The right tag will ensure that your buddy makes it back where they belong.

Are you looking to upgrade your pooch’s collar in 2024? We’ve created this guide to share the safest and most stylish dog tags on the market. Continue reading to discover the best dog tags of 2024 and ensure your pup is known and safely home.

1. QR Code Dog Tags

QR Code Dog Tags

It’s time for Fido to get a technological upgrade! One of the latest dog tag trends for 2024 is QR code dog tags. Each one comes laser engraved with a custom QR code, which functions like a dog collar tracker.

QR code dog tags work with a mobile app called PingTag. Every pet owner receives a free membership upon purchasing a QR collar. The intuitive app allows you to update your contact information at any time. When someone scans the tag, you’ll receive a text message with geolocation information to make it easy to retrieve your lost pet.

Our favorite variation of the QR code dog tag is the version embedded in a ScruffTag collar. It sits flat on your dog’s neck, making it easy to access, even if your dog is lost and anxious. It comes with locking sliders so the QR code won’t shift or slide as your dog wanders.

Real Pet Owners Say:

  • A very well-made stainless tag large enough for all information, yet still light enough to not be a hindrance to our pet.” -Beverly R.
  • I love how my dog no longer has a hanging tag banging against his water bowl, and how the link to the pet's free profile lets me update it anytime I like for no fee.” -Tom T.
  • Instead of just waiting for someone to message you where you can get your dog, this great technology gives you the exact address where your dog is...[my dog] was home in minutes instead of hours with the immediate text once it was scanned.” - Sarah B.

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2. Designer Dog Tags

Designer Dog Tags

Even if you have a pocket pooch who is unlikely to run away, we always advise owners to tag their pups. Owners of furry fashionistas deserve the peace of mind that comes from a high-quality dog tag, too!

That’s why we’ve fallen in love with the designer enamel dog tags by Andrew. They are available in 11 stainless steel designs. Each one features full-color images that allow you to express your pooch’s pawsome personality. These custom dog tags for pets still have room for personalization, so they are as safe as they are stylish.

Our favorites include the bone-studded designs that read either “Good Boy” or “Good Girl.” You might also love the delectable cartoon ice cream cone or the fun and funky pop art bone. You can even customize the tag with one of 9 fun fonts, creating a dog tag that’s as unique as your pup!

Real Pet Owners Say:

  • These enamel, personalized dog ids are beautifully designed.” - Nanette M.
  • Everyone is colorful, pretty, and surprisingly durable. Some were on our dog's collars at least 10yrs. with no visible wear. And, with your message on the back, it's reassuring that your pooch would come back home, should they wander.”-MaryL.
  • I think this will last a long time, or maybe even forever.” - Carol B.

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3. Classic Dog Tags

Jack Russell Terrier with Brass Round Dog ID TagWhen it comes to safety, sometimes dog owners want something high-quality and simple. A classic round metal dog tag has room for up to 4 lines of text on both the front and the back. They are even available in stainless steel, meaning they can hold up to even the most active pups.

If you’d prefer a distinguished, vintage look, classic round dog tags are also available in brass. These tags do require a little extra TLC to look their best. Still, pet owners love the handcrafted and classy appearance of this distinctive metal finish.

Classic tags in steel or brass make gorgeous accents to leather dog collars, creating a timeless look that won’t sacrifice safety.

Real Pet Owners Say:

  • Quality products and fun as to what you can put on the tags… lots of room for information.” - Michael R.
  • I love the fact that they are solid brass and do not jingle like cheap metal ones. Very classy!” -Melissa A.
  • Being that these tags are steel and not aluminum, I believe they are not going to break where they connect to the collar—especially on very active high-energy retrievers!” -Tom M.

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4. Rivet-On Dog Collar Name Plates

Brass Rivet-On Name Plate on Collar

Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors or are they a working dog? If so, we have found that Rivet-On Name Plates not only look super classy on a collar, but also provide the most benefits for working dogs in the field. One of our deeply laser engraved nameplates riveted to your dog's collar will be a very durable and silent option and will also never get caught on obstacles, so they are much safer than other tags while your dog is in the field.

Our name plates accommodate up to 4 lines of text with 20 characters per line. They are available in thick stainless steel or solid brass, providing a lifetime of identity for your dog.

Nothing looks classier than a name plate riveted onto a collar...In our opinion anyway. They are also much easier to read than other dog tags since they follow the contour of your dog's collar, making them much more visible than ID tags that hang underneath your dog's jowls.

Real Pet Owners Say:

  • Easy to attach. Large letters and easy to read. Curved so it won’t poke my dog with a straight edge. Heavier than those from vending machines so it will last.” - MaryLu D.
  • Our dog can't have a traditional dog collar because she chews them off. So we have to get the kind that attaches with rivets. It's become progressively harder to find good quality tags. So when I found out she would need a new collar and tag I was stressed. I found these but was a bit skeptical. I was very wrong though. This is the highest quality tag she's had her entire life. I love that both my and my husbands number fit. They're strong. We were able to get it checked. It's easy to read and the engraving is nice and deep so I'm not worried about it rubbing off. ” -Haylie B.
  • This tag is excellent! Easy to install and looks great! No more dangling tags that get ripped off by toenails and lost. I was worried that the rivets would be too short but they worked perfectly! I recommend these tags to anyone.” -Ralph J.

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5. Slide-On Dog Collar Name Plates

ScruffTag Slide-On Dog ID Tag

Are you looking for a dog ID tag that becomes an integral part of your dog's collar rather than hanging from an attachment link or held on by an elastic or rubber strap? If so, our ScruffTag Slide-On Name Plate may be exactly what you are looking for. These deeply laser engraved nameplates slide on to your dog's collar so they never fall off, are totally silent and never get caught on things. A very durable, silent and safe option.

Our ScruffTag Slide-On Dog ID Tags are available in two styles and install directly to your dog's collar by sliding it onto the collar strap. Keep in mind, if you have a side release/quick release buckle style collar, an Open End ScruffTag must be used as quick release buckle collars don't have a bare strap to slide the name plate onto. Open End ScruffTags can be installed on any type of collar strap by squeezing the collar strap through the end bar gaps.

Both styles of our ScruffTags have a very large surface area for your custom laser engraved text, making them very easy to read from a distance. They also follow the contour of your dog's collar, making them much more visible than ID tags that hang underneath your dog's jowls.

ScruffTags For Traditional Prong Buckle Collars:

ScruffTag Slide-On Dog Collar Name Plate

Open End ScruffTags For Side Release Buckle Collars:

Open End ScruffTag Slide-On Dog ID Tag

Real Pet Owners Say:

  • Absolutely love these! I recently bought my third - all for the same dog ?. They are inexpensive, they wear like iron, are beautiful - with gorgeous script, and come in a timely fashion. I really can’t say enough about them!” - Gail D.
  • This is the best dog Id plate I’ve seen out there! It’s sleek stainless steal with quality black engraving. It fits flush to our dogs collar and is smooth. ” -Jennifer Z.
  • I now have three of these tags for my dogs' collars. I love the sturdiness of them, the quality of the print and that they are not 'dangling' name tags, but rather they are integrated right into their collars. Highly recommended!” -Cheryl S.

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