Celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day Everyday

Today is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, a day when all pooches large and small get the opportunity to experience their human’s workplace.

At dogIDs, you could say that we celebrate this holiday every day. On a typical day, we have anywhere from 1-4 dogs roaming around our office. We truly believe that having our dogs around us keeps our stress level low and inspires us to provide the best products for them.

To celebrate this special holiday, we thought we’d reflect on our favorite aspects of having office dogs.  Each member of the dogIDs team has their own reason for enjoying the team pets.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

“One of my favorite aspects of having dogs at work is the fun, relaxing atmosphere they can create.”

- Kayla, Graphic Design Assistant

“When you have the friendly, happy energy of dogs around you, I believe it helps you let your guard down and be yourself with your team members.”

- Shelby, HR and Project Coordinator

“Bringing your dogs to work should be in every company's benefit package. It's amazing what a quick game of fetch or a walk around the block can do to a person's productivity. And besides, who doesn't love a slobbery Great Dane resting their head on your shoulder while you sit at your desk and eat lunch?” 


- Ashley, Merchandising Manager

“Dogs are our link to a better life. I am reminded by River to step away from the computer, go outside, play fetch, drink plenty of water, and to be happy.”

- Eric, eCommerce Manager

“The excitement begins for me as soon as I wake up because I know that instead of leaving my dogs in their kennels for the day, I will get to spend the day with them. Bringing them to work with me is really an enjoyable experience because I get to mix in some fun time with them during the routine work day. Plus it gives other Team members a chance to meet them and hopefully put a smile on their face.” 

- Jim, Production Assistant

  “I believe the common saying, "Smiles are contagious," to be true, but I think this can be extended to happiness in general. And dogs are the dog-gone happiest beings to walk the earth. Having dogs at the office puts a smile on my face and lets me see the direct results of my work through wagging tails   


- Lacey, Product Marketing Intern

“On those days when things seem overwhelming, a moment with a dog can put everything back in the proper perspective.”

- Clint, CEO and Pack Leader

We hope you enjoy spending extra time with your pooches today and if you’re lucky, maybe you can convince your workplace to celebrate this holiday every day too!

This post is part of RedEnvelope’s #redHoliday project: ‘Workin’ Like a Dog’