Unleash the Fun: 7 Creative Ideas for Personalized Dog ID Tags

Is your best friend a furry fashionista? Each time they leave the house, do they aim to look pawsitively fabulous? What if your pooch could rock a pawsome ensemble that also kept them safe and secure? With these cute personalized dog ID tag ideas, they can!

A custom dog tag is the simplest and most stylish way to keep your dog safe while you’re out and about. It puts all the most important information front and center. It’s the most fashionable and straightforward way to ensure your pup makes their way home to you.

Are you looking for some inspiration before placing an order for your pup’s new dog ID tag?

We’ve gathered a few inspired ideas for customization, from colors and shapes to custom text. When you’re through, you’ll have all the ideas you need to create a cute dog tag that will give you peace of mind and look fur-bulous!

1. Built-InDog ID TagsFor Playtime Afficianados

Is Fido a rough-and-tumble fashionista with playtime on the brain? You need a collar that can hold up to jumping, running, rolling, splashing, digging, and endless games of frisbee.

Consider a ScruffTag collar, which has a stainless steel dog tag built in. It remains on top and visible, even if your pooch has spent their day hard at play. It’s available in 27 unique colors, including camo, so style will remain at the forefront.

2. A Punny Tag For a Frequent Escape Artist

Does your sneaky pooch find every gap in the fence? Are they a professional escape artist who goes to visit the neighbors on a regular basis? Why not lean into their antics with a collar that calls them out?

We’re obsessed with the possibilities for dog ID tags engraved with puns.

A few of our favorites include:

Each stainless steel tag has space for a name and two phone numbers, so safety comes right after the giggles.

3. A Vintage InspiredBrass Tag For a Stately Canine

Aiming for a vintage vibe? You can’t go wrong with a scrufftag ID collar featuring real brass hardware.

It’s a polished and dignified look that is worth a little bit of additional upkeep. We like to pair brass tags with jewel-toned collars in emerald, ruby, or sapphire hues. Add a coordinating leash, and you can craft a distinguished and curated look!

4. A Gold Dog Tag For Furry Formal Occasions

A red setting poses in the woods wearing a stylish dog ID tag

Is your dog going to appear as the best pup in a wedding or serve as a tail-wagging ring bearer? Now is the time to pick up a formal dog tag!

Consider a gold or silver tag with a suit and tie engraved on one side. You can even get a special occasion enamel dog tag with a pop of sparkle built in! Your pooch will be the belle of the ball—when they’re not chasing the ball, that is!

5. Colorful Dog Tags For Big Personalities

If your dog has a big personality, they need a tag that’s as bold as they are! Consider a round dog tag in one of our bright and trendy colors. They coordinate beautifully with a colorful collar.

Pair complementary colors together to create a cohesive look that pops! We love to order a few of these and switch them out with the seasons.

6. Glitter Enamel Tags For a Pop of Sparkle

Do you believe that glitter improves everything? The only thing better than glitter is glitter set into enamel! You get all of the sparkle without any of the mess, and that bling isn’t going anywhere! These are the perfect accessories for your pampered lap dog, though they hold up to a lot of play, too!

7. Colorful Designer Tags For the Stylish Pup Who Has Everything

If you want your pup to be the best-dressed pooch at the park, you need something unique. We’ve partnered with Andrew to bring you eleven designer tags for discerning doggies.

Each one is hand-painted enamel. They boast all the customization options of the other ID tags in our collection. Pair it with one of our nine fonts to create a bespoke tag to match your pup’s personality!

Make These Dog ID Tag Ideas a Stylish Reality

When you order a custom dog ID tag or scrufftag collar from dogIDs, you will have access to thousands of unique combinations. From stylish prints and colors to unique shapes, there is something for every furry friend. Try one of the suggestions above, or express yourself! Mix and matchour selection of colors, tag shapes, and personalization options.

We’ve designed all our products with your pup’s safety in mind, so they’re more than cute. They will provide peace of mind without sacrificing style!

Ready to take your pooch’s safety and style into your own paws? Shop our collection and turn your daily walk into a high-fashion runway show!