What's the best option for my dog's ID tag?

When you buy a dog tag, there are three common ways to get your information put onto the tag. Here is the difference between tags that are engraved, embossed or etched.

Etched Tags

Ever wonder how the dog tag machine at your local grocery store works? These machines use a small laser to etch your information onto the tag.

Pros: Your tag is done in 5 minutes and you can get it the same day.

Cons: The information on the tag is likely to wear off in a short amount of time, meaning you will need to buy another tag.

Embossed Tags

An embossed tag is created by pushing the metal up where the lettering is, giving the metal a bumpy feel without any added coloration from a laser. This is a common look on military dog tags.

Pros: Tags are easy to read and have a tough look.

Cons: Any damage done to the tag could result in unreadable information.

                                                                         Embossed tag

Engraved Tags

Engraved tags are made using a high power fiber laser. The laser burns into the metal, creating a contrast discoloration and marking that lasts. You can actually feel how deep the engraving is and see the level of detail in the design or lettering that comes from laser precision.

Pros: Engraved tags will keep information displayed without wearing away or fading.

Cons: Tags have to be ordered and then shipped to you, which can take longer than other options.

                                                                     Engraved Tags

What's best for my pet?

We've heard from customers time and time again that while they have to wait a bit longer to get our laser engraved tags, having a tag that lasts a lifetime and stays readable makes the wait totally worth it.

Our dogs have been wearing laser engraved tags for years. These tags have held up through all elements and still look great! Find the perfect laser engraved tag for your pet here!

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