No More Jingling Tags

No More Jingling Tags!
No More Jingling Tags!

It’s the middle of the night, and all is quiet throughout the house. Until … jingle jingle jangle jangle! Your pet got up, and now you’re awake because of that darn noisy tag.

It’s happened to me countless of times. Whether Brick gets out of bed to walk around, stretch or scratch, or even just to resituate, I hear it. I’m a light sleeper, and a lot of things wake me up, but my dog getting up for some water shouldn’t.

My cats are active at night and must think that my bedroom is a jungle gym, because there’s a span of time each evening when they jump from dresser to dresser and roll around playing on the floor with their toys and wrestle each other. I hear it all. Jingle jingle!

For some silly reason, it never even occurred to me that this was something that was easily solvable. I just thought it was a nuisance, and would be bothered when I’d be awoken by it.

The thing is, it may not just annoy us humans. Some animals have sensitive hearing, and dogs especially have an acute sense of sound, so those jingles can be hard for them to listen to as well.

Not only that, but the clinking tags draws more attention to dogs. When I would walk Brick down the hallway and past my neighbor’s door, their own dog would hear Brick’s tags and bark from inside their apartment.

dogIDs carries silencers for bone and circle tags

Then, I realized there was such a thing as a tag silencer. I got one for Brick right away to see how it worked, and after having it for about a week now, I am one happy customer. Now I just need to get two more for the cats!

The dogIDs tag silencer is small and simple. Just slip the flexible plastic around the tag itself and reattach it to your dog’s collar. Jingle be gone! The silencers come in a few sizes and shapes to fit the specific tag your pet has, and are even glow-in-the-dark! They’re also really affordable at just $1.50. But the real price of having undisturbed slumber is priceless.

Now that Brick is sporting the tag silencer, he’s also much quieter in the hallway, and gets no reaction from the neighbor dogs.

If jingling tags annoy you too, the good news is there are several solutions to this problem. If you don’t want to get a tag silencer, you can eliminate the need for one tag altogether by putting the dog’s identification and your contact information on the collar itself via a nameplate, or having it engraved, printed or embroidered right on the buckle or material itself.

Syrus in Red Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Dog Collar
dogIDs Team Dog Syrus Models the Red Waterproof ScruffTag Collar

DogIDs has many options for these collars to eliminate noisy tags. See the whole selection here. The Scrufftag is a great alternative to hanging tags because it sits on the “scruff” of the neck and has lots of space for your text. If you want to be super trendy, you can even get one with a QR code instead!

Have you tried a tag silencer yet or gone tag-free? What’s worked best for you?

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