How to Travel With A Pet During The Holidays

If your dog is traveling with you this holiday season, here’s a few tips and pointers [thanks, U.S. Humane Society! to keep in mind before venturing out.

Traveling with Your Pet

Travel Method ---> CAR

Don’t… let your dog stick its head out the window. He could jump out unexpectedly, could get hit with debris, or could get sick from an influx of frigid air.

Don’t… let a pet loose in a moving vehicle. It’s not safe for the pet, the driver, or other passengers in the car.

Don’t… put your pets in the front seat.

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Do… use a restraint, seatbelt, or anchored cage.

Do… keep your pet away from air bags, preferably in the back seat.

Travel Method ---> PLANE

Don’t… travel by air if you can help it.

Do… find a puppy sitter or boarding kennel. It will be less stressful for your pet, and can save you a big hassle and can possibly save you some money.

But if you do decide to take your pet via air travel:

Don’t…Feed your pet 4-6 hours before the trip, and don’t give him any pet tranquilizers unless vet prescribed.

Do… choose the cabin. Most airlines let small pets on the cabin for an additional fee. If your pet has to travel via cargo hold, direct flights are safer. Also, some flights are better equipped to handle extreme temperatures during the winter months.

Do… Be aware of the dangers of pet air travel. Make sure your pet is harnessed thoroughly for airport security and actual travel. Do some research on airlines with pet safety performance records, and choose the one with the best statistics. Once you hand over your pet for travel, its safety is completely out of your control.

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