Paw it Forward Internationally with World Vets

We are proud to announce this summer we’ll be featuring our friends at World Vets in our Paw it Forward program.

At World Vets, their mission is to improve the health and well-being of animals by providing veterinary aid, training and disaster relief. They do this all over the world for dogs, cats and all kinds of livestock.

World Vets sends groups of volunteer veterinarians, vet techs and students on trips to provide veterinary aid, education and spay and neuter clinics to the places that need them the most.

Here’s what they’ve been up to since the last time they were our Paw it Forward partner:

Increased Educational Opportunities for Volunteers

World Vets has introduced more options in the past few years to help their volunteers with continuing their education and experience. They have added more options for volunteers to customize their trips, especially for veterinary students to get clinical and field experience with World Vets Staff.

They have also created the MD Koenig Veterinary Technology World Vets Scholarship that covers a week-long World Vets trip for the chosen recipient.

Record-Breaking Service in Peru

This past year, World Vets topped off their 6 years of work with a 3-day sprint of medical procedures in Peru, completing 350 surgeries within that time-frame.

Successful Spay/Neuter Campaign in the Dominican Republic

World Vets was able to provide over 276 spays and neuters in the Dominican Republic this past year and helped animals like Bobby (above) get the treatment they needed.

We’re so happy to see that World Vets is expanding their reach every year, not only helping animals in need all over the world but also providing a great learning experience for students and seasoned veterinarians.

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