Brown Beggers Bully Stick - 12 Inch

Brown Beggers Bully Stick - 12 Inch

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Brown Beggers Bully Stick - 12 Inch

Give your chewer something tasty and healthy to sink their teeth into! A Brown Beggers Bully Stick will make you and your dog happy because it is so much more than something to chew on.

The Brown Beggers Bully Stick -12 Inch is extra long for even more hours of distraction. Made only of US Beef with absolutely no added dyes, hormones, additives, or artificial ingredients. These chews make an excellent, not to mention healthy, alternative for rawhide chews. Still, we always recommend that your dog have supervision while enjoying any tasty chew.

Brown Beggers Bully Sticks come from our partner, SitStay, who only sell treats and chews that have the tail-wagging approval of their own dogs. These chews will drive your pup’s tastebuds wild, but you won’t smell a thing. They are odorless and will not stain your carpets or upholstery like some treats and chews may. Bring one home for your favorite four-legged friend today!

Product Highlights:

  • Odor & Stain Free
  • No Additives, Dyes, or Hormones
  • 100% US Beef
  • Extra Long for Even More Distraction
  • Made in the USA
  • Healthy Alternative to Rawhide Chews

Est. Production Time: 1-2 business days

  • All-Beef Chews
  • Healthy Alternative to Rawhide
  • No Hormones, Dyes or Artificial Ingredients
  • Completely Odor Free
  • Made In The USA