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Leather Dog Collars

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personalized custom leather dog collars
For many of our customers, personalized and custom leather dog collars are a symbol of luxury, durability, and class. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee, these leather dog collars will actually get better with age as they form a patina and create their own “signature” based on use and wear. From an aesthetic perspective, leather appeals to customers that are either looking for a classic and elegant look, or for those that are in love with America’s cowboy heritage and enjoy the beautiful rustic qualities that leather can take on over time.

Types Of Custom Leather Dog Collars Offered

From English bridle to embroidered leather collars, we have an option that fits your taste. Quality leather is hard to find, so we went out of our way to source the best material for these products to ensure that they’ll last. Below are our leather options:

• English bridle leather
• Italian designer leather
• Bison leather
• Mendota leather, for our rolled leather collars that are great as training collars.
• Padded leather
• Suede

Reliable Quality You Can Trust

Our company was founded by passionate dog lovers that wanted to share high-quality dog products with other dog owners that adored our pets as much as we do. That means that every product we offer online is also used every day by our own employees. Products tested by our own dogs that fail to meet our standards are never sold on our website. Our philosophy is that we cannot sell our customers and their pets products that we would never have in our own houses. We want what our customers want: our pets to be comfortable while wearing aesthetically pleasing collars that will last a lifetime. That’s exactly what you’ll get with any of dogIDs’ products.

Customize A Leather Collar

dogIDs is known for its personalization options. Free embroidery options are available on our distressed leather and suede collars, and engraved brass or stainless steel nameplates can be found on many of these collars. These services not only add a personal touch that lets you express your dog’s personality, but also ensure your dog’s safety. These are some of our most popular items, so order yours today!
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Items 1-19 of 19

 Leather Dog Collars:

High Quality, Handcrafted and Durable

All of our custom leather dog collars are handcrafted in the USA with top-of-the-line materials. They are a great choice for pet owners who want something durable and classy for their dog.

Due to popularity, we have leather collars available for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and fur types. Explore our collection and find the leather collar that fits your pup’s lifestyle.

Which leather type is best?

At dogIDs, we offer three leather types including English bridle leather, bison leather, and Italian leather. Each of these varieties have unique benefits for you and your dog’s lifestyle. In order to make the best purchase decision, it helps to learn a little bit about each leather type.

English Bridle Leather

English bridle leather is made of heavy, high-quality steer hide and drum dyed for rich colors. Bridle leather collars are stiff when new, but soften as they are broken in. Customers rave about the leather’s ability to conform to fit their dog perfectly over time. Bridle leather is also known for it’s durability. When taken care of, these collars can last a lifetime. Our bridle leather collars are tanned using a formula that produces a silky-smooth finish, making them the classiest collars on the market. English bridle leather collars work best for medium to large breed dogs, due to their stiffness and bulk when new.

Bison Leather

Our personalized bison leather collars are buttery soft, but incredibly durable. In fact, bison leather is 40 percent stronger than cowhide. This is partly because of the toughness of the animal, and partly because the hide is not stretched during the tanning process. Even more exciting - each collar is different, as bison hide is as unique as a fingerprint. That makes each piece a one-of-a-kind. Our personalized bison leather collars also come in a variety of colors.

We also offer several buffalo leather collars, which are handcrafted by one of our artisan partners. Now, don’t get buffalo and bison confused. Buffalo refers to the Water Buffalo, not the American Bison. Although these artisan padded leather collars are made of a different type of buffalo, their quality and durability are equally great.

Italian Leather

The personalized designer Italian leather dog collar is durable, water resistant, soft to the touch, and beautiful. Available in eleven vibrant colors and a number of sizes and widths, this is one of our more popular leather collars. Our Italian leather collection is the perfect mix of durability and style. We recommend pliable italian leather for small dog breeds as the leather is supple and sizes down well for little necks.

Care and Cleaning

Leather dog collars are beautiful, but do need a little extra care. You can use a damp sponge for a quick clean up. For a better clean, we recommend cleaning with a rag and saddle soap (or other leather cleaner) followed by a leather conditioner. We actually offer some leather conditioner and cleaner on our website.

Some pet parents recommend using hot water for the best results. Let the leather collar air dry. Then buff the leather with a clean cloth. Finally, use another soft, clean cloth to apply leather conditioner and buff it one last time.

Take care of your dog’s leather collar by limiting exposure to water. They’re water resistant, but aren’t meant to be submerged often. If you’re looking for a good waterproof collar that looks and feels similar to leather, check out our waterproof dog collar category.

 Rolled Leather Collars for Long-Haired Dogs

Of course, there are some breeds with very long coats. We understand the frustration with collars that flatten or mat this fur type. That’s why we offer a rolled English bridle leather collar. It will prevent any matting or tangles, and look good doing it! The rolled leather collar is sealed with resin and stitched with nylon to ensure it withstands any activity. It’s also available in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of breeds.

 Leather ScruffTag Dog Collars

Scrufftag collars are our specialty here at dogIDs, and we have a leather version as well! This style of english bridle leather collar features an engraved nameplate that sits on the back of the dog’s neck. Pet parents love the leather ScruffTag collars because it’s easy to see their dog’s information and a dangling tag is no longer required. That means less noise, and more safety.

 Personalized Leather Dog Collars

We think you’ll find that a personalized leather dog collar is one of the best choices when it comes to durability and sophisticated style. They’re the perfect blend of both worlds, and they’re safe too. With the exception of our rolled leather collar, our leather collars may be personalized with a stainless steel or brass nameplate (depending on the hardware of the collar chosen). Fill the nameplate with text including your contact information, your pet’s name, or anything else you’d like. This allows strangers to easily read this information and return your pup home safely.

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