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ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collars

The ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar is a dogIDs patented design. These collars place your dog’s ID information on the scruff of their neck, rather than underneath their jowls. They’re also silent, easy to read, and super durable.
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Easy to Read to Help Them Home

When finding a stray dog, you never know how they will react to you touching them, or reaching to read an ID tag. This was our inspiration for the ScruffTag design.

Our ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collars make it easy for anyone to read your dog’s nameplate without having to reach toward their face or mouth. This eliminates fear for all parties involved and allows your dog’s rescuer to contact you using the information engraved on the tag.

All of our ScruffTag nameplates can hold up to four lines of laser engraved personalization, which is plenty of space for all of your dog’s emergency contact information, including their name, your phone number, your home address, or anything else you’d like to share on your custom dog collar.

Silence is Golden - No More Jingling Tags!

Are your dog’s traditional hanging tags driving you crazy? We’re sorry to tell you that they don’t have a mute button, but you can have a jingle-free home with a dogIDs brand ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar. The ScruffTag plate is built into each collar, and lies flat against your dog’s fur making it absolutely silent. Your old tag would alert you of your dog’s every movement, but the ScruffTag is so quiet, your dog will have an easier time sneaking up on you!

Developed Here at dogIDs

The ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar is a patented design of dogIDs. All of our ScruffTag Collars have been tested and approved by our office dogs. At dogIDs, it’s our mission to provide only the best for your best friend, which is why we strive to innovate functional and stylish products using top quality materials. Like all other dogIDs items with laser engraving, the personalized text on your built-in nameplate is guaranteed for the lifetime of your pet.

What Kind of ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar Should I Buy?

We understand that dogs and pet parents value variety when it comes to their wardrobe. That’s why we’ve created our ScruffTag collars in several material types including waterproof Soft Grip, Biothane, leather, paracord, nylon and reflective. So what material type best fits your dog’s lifestyle?

Does your dog spend his summer in the lake?

You’d better get him a Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar. These collars are soft to the touch, durable like leather, and completely water and smell resistant. Your dog’s waterproof ScruffTag collar is incredibly easy to clean when muddy or wet. Simply rinse and wipe them off to make them look brand new again!

Our Camouflage ScruffTag Collars are a great option for hunting dogs because of their Biothane construction and outdoors-inspired style. Biothane is also known as poly coated nylon webbing, and is completely water and odor resistant. Plus, the silent ScruffTag won’t scare away any game. This collar is the real trophy!

Do you have a toy or small breed dog?

ScruffTags are made for dogs of all sizes. We’ve woven our ScruffTag plates into nylon and braided collars that are lightweight and narrow enough to comfortably fit the smallest of breeds. So whether you have a great dane or a teacup poodle, we’ve got a ScruffTag waiting for them.

Do you love the luxury of leather?

Our Leather ScruffTag Collar is incredibly durable and stylish. It’s available in three beautiful leather options, and has a matching leash for those that like to have their dog completely outfitted. Our leather styles aren’t made to be completely submerged or worn while swimming, but they are water resistant. Bring on the rain!

Does your dog like to play at night?

Keeping your dog safe at night is a big priority, especially for those of us who live in the country or like to walk our dogs at night. The reflective strip on the Reflective ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar makes it safer for your pooch to be out at night. Any drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians passing by will see your dog’s collar shining.

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