Custom Designer Dog Collars

Designer Dog Collars

Nothing shows off your pup's personality like designer dog collars from dogIDs. We're all set to help you spoil your pooch. With our premium dog collars, your best friend will resemble a show dog, even if the two of you are simply walking down the street. The best part is that you don't have to pay designer prices when you buy from dogIDs. Check through our sensational stock to find a jaw-dropping collar that fits Fido's personality. Do you have an active pup who loves to run and jump? Or maybe your pooch is a little princess who knows she's the queen of the world. Either way, we've got the designer pet collars that your dog deserves.

One-of-a-Kind Collars

Our selection of premium dog collars contains something for every canine. Italian leather in a vivid hue is sure to draw attention to your precious pooch. Pick out a leather leash in a matching or complementary shade. Choose from pink, turquoise, red, and orange, just for a start.

Personalized nylon collars are perfect for pups who love playtime. They can run and jump as much as they want in a brightly colored nylon collar. Opt for some personalization to include your pup’s name and your phone number, along with additional contact details.

Pick out padded collars, studded pieces, and bejeweled accessories. You can even choose a collar based around your dog's personality, likes, and dislikes. Check out our unique tags while you're at it!

Splurge on luxury dog collars from dogIDs.