Dog Gates

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Libro Dog Gate

Add a modern twist to your home with The Libro Dog Gate, featuring a plastic-coated flat-metal latch so that you can walk from room to room while your furry friend is contained.  Easy Designed for easy installation, this pressure mounted gate is...

Indoor Wooden Dog Play Pen

Indoor Dog Play Pen Our standard 4 ft x 4 ft indoor dog playpen is excellent for small to medium-sized dogs. This hardwood dog pen is a great way to give your dog the high quality, indoor comfort they deserve for play and exercise. Best of all, you will...

Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door

The Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door is the all-in-one gate and doggie door. Convenient You can now choose when you’d like your small pets to pass through this gate without having to take the whole gate down. Simply open the mini swing door or...

Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate

The highly versatile, Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate is the perfect solution for small dog owners looking to block a wide range of openings. Versatile This freestanding gate is highly versatile because you can place it wherever you want and block off...

32 Inch Walk-Through 3 Panel Indoor Dog Gate

Are you tired of climbing over your dog gate every time you need to switch rooms The 32 Inch Walk-Through 3 Panel Indoor Dog Gate can fix your problem because it has an easy passage doorway. Perfect Design This top quality gate will effectively contain...

27 Inch 2 Panel EZ Indoor Dog Gate

Do you need a highly functional gate that is easy to use and provides effective confinement for your dog The 27 Inch 2 Panel EZ Indoor Dog Gate designed by Dynamic Accents is the perfect fit for you. While you are busy and need your fluffy friend...

Emperor Rings Free Standing Dog Gate

The Emperor Rings Free Standing Dog Gate works wonderfully for blocking off a large opening from your well-meaning canine friend. Easy The freestanding dog gate requires to tools or installation. Simply set the indoor dog gate down and it will...

Expandable Small Pet Gate with Mini Door

The Expandable Small Pet Gate with Mini Door is great for any entrance or doorway. Simple This is the most trouble-free dog gate. Simply put it in a doorway and use the adjustment mechanism to lock in place. The pressure mount system makes for an quick...

Royal Weave Doorway Dog Gate

The Royal Weave Doorway Dog Gate features a tasteful sheet metal weave pattern at its base to look great in your home while effectively containing your dog. Design The stylish design makes it functional enough for everyday use without...

30 Inch Large Kensington Indoor Dog Gate

Do you need a large, adjustable dog gate for your furry friend The 30 Inch Large Kensington Indoor Dog Gate is the perfect fit for you. Containment This large indoor dog gate has many features to safely and effectively contain your dog. The first...

Emperor Rings Two-Piece Freestanding Dog Gate

The Emperor Rings Two-Piece Freestanding Dog Gate is the perfect combination of elegance and containing your furry friend.  Durable Not only will this freestanding gate look great in your home, but it will also last you throughout the years. The...

Emperor Rings Hallway Dog Gate

The Emperor Rings Hallway Dog Gate provides an efficient way for you to contain your dog from running around while allowing you to walk down your hall easily.  Pressure Mounted These hallway gates are sturdy, easy to install and require no...

30 Inch Small Kensington Indoor Dog Gate

The 30 Inch Small Kensington Indoor Dog Gate from Dynamic Accents provides effective containment and adjusts so that you can place it wherever you would like to contain your furry friend. Convenience Putting up and taking down this wooden indoor dog...

Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate

Do you need a stylish doorway gate to stop your dog from getting out The Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate is the perfect fit for you and your dog. Efficient These dog gates are sturdy, easy to install and require no drilling. Design The Emperor Rings...
Backyard Outdoor Dog Gate 6 Panel Gray

Backyard Outdoor Dog Gate

Made completely from recycled plastic in the USA, the Backyard Outdoor Dog Gate has hinges allowing panels to fold 360 degrees in any direction you choose. The Perfect Dog Gate This is the perfect outdoor dog gate to contain your pup because it's...

Door Panel for Freestanding Gates

The Door Panel for Freestanding Gates is the perfect fit for you if you want an addition to the Freestanding Royal Weave Dog Gate. This additional door panel will allow you easy access to transport from room to room without your pup getting out...

Dog Gate Gap Filler

If your small dog is sneaking through the sides of your gate, the Dog Gate Gap Filler is the perfect solution for you. Fill the Gaps This gate filler for dog gates perfectly fills the gaps you may have on any dog gate with pressure mounted screws like...

Dog Gate Extension

This Dog Gate Extension will extend the gate's length by up to 5'', allowing for your dog gate to fit in any opening. It can be used with either the doorway or hallway gates and can also be used with the Dog Gate Gap Filler.   Size: 32'' tall x...

Safely Confine your Pet Indoors with a Dog Gate

An indoor dog gate can be extremely helpful if you want to keep your pet in a safe part of your home, or keep a special area of your home safe from a rowdy pup.

We offer a selection of designer dog gates that will compliment your home’s style while safely confining your furry family member. You can also use the gate to create a barrier between your dog and small children, other pets or your china hutch.

Gates for Training

New Puppy?

A new puppy requires a lot of your time and attention to learn what it can and cannot do or go. When you’re not home, you can use a dog gate to keep your puppy in an area of your home that is safe and puppy proof.

Using a Dog Gate to Introduce a New Pet to the Family

Bringing home a new pet can be an overwhelming situation for that animal and any existing pets in your home. Experts suggest using a gate to separate the new and existing pets during their first days together.

This will allow them to get used to each other while still having their own space. The gate will also come in handy after the initial introduction as a way to give the animals a little break from each other.

That new dog might want to play with your old dog all day and night, but your old dog will need a rest here and there. Check out our blog for more information about preparing to adopt a new dog.

Outdoor Dog Gates for the Backyard

Our outdoor dog gates are made in the USA out of recycled plastic. They are a great solution for keeping your pet on your deck or porch when you’re relaxing outside.

Outdoor gates can also be used to fill a gap in your fence when your dog is outside and wants to run without a leash. If you want to create an adjustable outdoor dog pen, just combine two gates.

How to Choose the Right Doggie Gate

We offer many different types of gates so that you can find the best one for your needs.

Unique Pet Gates

Our designer dog gates are available in wood, metal and heavy-duty plastic. We also have some unique dog gate options. Our metal dog gates will really add a touch of class to your home while providing durable containment for dogs that try to scratch or chew gates.

Mounted Gates

If you’re putting a dog gate in a doorway or at the top of the stairs, mounted gates are a great choice. Some use hardware and an easy installation process and others use pressure-mounting systems that do not have any hardware.

These are also great if you plan to use your gate in different doorways as pressure-mounted gates are easier to move around. If you need to use a gate in an odd-shaped area that doesn’t have mounting options, our freestanding gates are what you need.

Size, Style & Functionality

You should also decide if you want to be able to swing the gate open, walk through a portion of the gate or move panels to get to your dog. That way you can chose a gate that will function the way you want it to. We have products to fit each of these needs.

Have a big dog, an irregular opening to fill or various-sized places you want to use your dog gate? We have what you need with options for wide gates, tall gates and adjustable gates.


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