Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Line

Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Lines dogIDs Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Line lifestyle dogIDs Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Line Black dogIDs Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Line Orange dogIDs

Dog Training Biothane Waterproof Long Line


It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom leash.

  • Guaranteed for the Life of Your Pet
  • 15 or 30 Foot Length Options
  • Perfect for training
  • 2 Color Options
  • No handle allows for tangle free exploring
  • Waterproof & Odor Proof (except pesky skunks!)
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Ever wish you could take your pup to the park and let them run and explore, but worried they might wander off? Or do you have a working dog who needs a little extra length to their leash for freedom while learning to quarter? Or maybe you're working on training your dog for off leash work. Whether you are on an adventure, working or training, the dogIDs long line, or check cord as many of us call it, is the answer to your needs. 

Durable and Workable

Made to withstand the outdoors, the dogIDs long line can be used in all types of conditions. Take it to the lake, into the woods or out in the field. The handleless end makes it easy to drag without getting caught up in sticks and rocks. The Biothane strap we use to make this check cord is not sticky or tacky like some of the other waterproof strap on the market. It's soft to the touch, very durable and does not easily get stuck in weeds or around other obstacles...More conducive to dragging through weeds and debris than other waterproof strap.

This dog long line comes in two length options to fit the needs of your best friend.

Even better, this check cord is waterproof and odor-proof (with the exception of those pesky skunks!).

Product Highlights

  • Choose between 15 or 30 ft length x 1/2" width
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • No Handle Grab End to Avoid Snags
  • Waterproof & Odor Proof
  • Made in the USA


  • Black
  • Orange


  • 1/2" wide x 15 ft long
  • 1/2" wide x 30 ft long