Drying & Deshedding Glove for Dog Grooming

Drying & Deshedding Glove for Dog Grooming

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  • Product Description

Solve all of your grooming problems with the Drying & Deshedding Glove for Dog Grooming. This grooming glove can be used to dry your dog, wipe away slobber or even remove excess dog hair.

There are two sides to this glove, the side with rubber bristles and the side with microfiber material. The glove is also offered in two neutral colors: grey and brown.

Grooming Side

This grooming mitt for dogs is designed with gentle rubber nubs that trap and remove excess dog hair. You can use this mitt on long or short haired dogs and it will brush out their tangled fur. Also, this deshedding glove makes it easier to brush your dog in hard to reach areas.

Absorbent Microfiber Side

One of the best features of this drying mitt for dogs is the super absorbent microfiber that can absorb 10 times its weight in water and dirt which makes it perfect for drying your pet. Whether you need to wipe off slobber, dry off your dog or massage your pet, the ultra-plush microfiber fabric will do the trick.

Easy to Use & Clean

This grooming glove for dogs is one size fits all with an elastic band to keep it on your hand when in use. When the glove gets dirty, you can throw it in your washing machine and hang it to dry. There is a fabric loop inside the mitt that makes it easy to hang up.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Plush Microfiber Fabric
  • Desheds & Detangles Dog Hair
  • Absorbs 10x its Weight in Water
  • Makes Drying Time Faster
  • Comfortable Fit for Dog Owner
  • Gentle on Dog Fur

Color Options

  • Grey
  • Brown

Est. Production Time: 5-7 business days

  • Double Sided & Quick Drying
  • Absorbs 10x Its Weight In Water & Dirt
  • Removes Excess Hair & Brushes Out Tangles
  • Machine Washable
  • Ultra-Plush Microfiber in Gray or Brown