Mendota Double Braid Collars

Mendota Double Braid Collars

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Not Your Average Collar

Our Mendota Double Braid Collars are more than just another nylon collar. They have a special look and appeal that will give your dog that perfect touch of class! With a large variety of color options for you to choose from, you will definitely find the right fit that will have your dog looking great.

Handcrafted to Last

These durable nylon collars are handmade in the USA and incredibly durable. This means they'll last through all sorts of situations your dog might get into. Better yet, the collar is super soft, meaning it will never bother your dog's neck. It also matches our Braided Rope Leads, so your dog can take his or her neighborhood walks in style.

Easy to Adjust and Perfect for All Sizes

Growing dogs can be difficult to shop for, since it's hard to know what size to get them. The great thing about this braided collar is that the adjustment prong of the buckle can go through the braided polypropylene anywhere along the collar strap, meaning you have a huge variety of size adjustments on a singular collar. 

Plus, this collar comes in a 9/16" or 1"width, so you can be sure to get a collar that fits just right. 

Want it Personalized

At dogIDs, we know that collars serve our dogs even better when they are personalized. That's why these nylon braided collars pair so well with our Slide On Dog Collar Nameplates. For a 9/16" collar, choose a 5/8" plate and for a 1" collar, choose a 1" plate. Make sure to pick a brass nameplate for the traditional collars and a stainless steel nameplate for a twist series or black ice series collar. Once you receive it, it just slides right on the open end of the strap and voila - a personalized collar! 

Product Highlights:

  • Infinitely Adjustable and Colorfast
  • Durable Thickness for Strength
  • Corrosion-Resistant Brass, Brushed Nickel or Black Metallic Hardware
  • Genuine Oil-Tanned Leather Accents and Logo Patch
  • Huge Selection of Colors
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the USA

Available Sizes:

  • 9/16 in x up to 12 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 9-12 Inches
  • 9/16 in x up to 14 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 11-14 Inches
  • 1 in x up to 18 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 15-18 Inches
  • 1 in x up to 21 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 18-21 Inches
  • 1 in x up to 24 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 21-24 Inches
Sizing Instructions:
Measure your dog's neck. Choose the size that your dog's neck size fits comfortably in. For example, if your dog's neck is 16 in, your best bet would be the 1 in x up to 18 in collar. 
Color Options:
Traditional with Brass Hardware
  • Red 
  • Blue 
  • Black 
  • Hunter Green
  • Camo 
  • Orange 
  • Purple 
  • Pink
  • Black Confetti*
  • Purple Confetti*
  • Raspberry Confetti*
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Kelly Green
  • Kelly Confetti*
  • Tan 
  • Hi-Viz Yellow*
  • Dark Brown 
* Starred colors are not available in the 9/16 in width of collar. 
Twist Series with Brushed Nickel Hardware
  • Red 
  • Orange 
  • Purple
  • Raspberry
  • Brown 
  • Olive 
  • Teal 
  • Sand 
  • Lime 
  • Sky Blue 
  • Pink 
  • Blue 
Black Ice Series with Black Metallic Hardware
  • Red 
  • Black 
  • Raspberry

Est. Production Time: 1 to 2 business days.

  • 2 Widths for Small and Large Dogs
  • Built Durable for Strength
  • Huge Variety of Color Options
  • Brass, Brushed Nickel or Black Metallic Hardware
  • Easily Adjustable