New Collars. Same Quality. Added Safety!

Believe it or not, dogIDs now offers collars that keep your dog even safer than our current lines of custom engraved collars. These collars are still personalized and just as industrial as ever, but we’ve added a center ring for additional safety! High-five to technology!

Benefits of a Safety Ring

If your dog spends time in the woods, in the field, or really anywhere with things that can get caught on collars, there is a concern for safety. But fear not-- you don’t have to keep your pup in a padded room. Thanks to the new center ring, if your dog gets hung up on a branch or object he has more room to swivel his head and keep his airway clear.

Depending on the situation, the center ring could help your dog slip out of the collar to avoid harm. However, these collars are guaranteed to stay in place for standard everyday use.

The center ring gives the collar more flexibility to move than a standard collar. Some owners actually attach their leash clip directly to the center ring during walks to let their dog scope out the surroundings more easily.

*Please note, there is also a D-ring on each collar that we recommend for leash attachment. If you use the center ring to attach your leash, please ensure that the collar is tight enough so your dog doesn't slip out of it.

Two Styles—Safety Never Looked So Cool

Are you a fan of our Soft Grip and reflective collars? If so, awesome… you’ll love these collars! If not, it’s most likely because you haven’t heard about them yet. And that’s okay too. Right below is some knowledge to help you fall in love with our unbelievable collars.

Waterproof Safety Collar

Our customers are big fans of this collar. Lynn from Jacksonville says, “I love these collars. They do not stretch, they don’t stink when wet, and they are pretty colors! Very attractive and easy to read print.”

What does the texture feel like? Both my Golden Retrievers model this collar, and I think it’s soft (like a baby crocodile belly) and grippy (like a giant rubber band ball). It looks like leather, but could definitely take leather in a fight. It won’t crack or break down, and it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT waterproof.

It comes with a custom engraved nameplate riveted directly to the collar, so you’ll never need another noisy hang tag that could fall off. All engraving is guaranteed for your pet’s life.

Check out the Waterproof Safety Collar here!

Reflective Safety Collar

This collar is made of biothane, a scienc-y name for a sturdy material that’s virtually indestructible and also waterproof! Your dog’s name and phone number are engraved onto a stainless steel nameplate riveted to a reflective band, so your dog is always identified and is visible in low-light conditions. Again, all engraving is guaranteed for the life of your dog.

Check out the Reflective Safety Collar here!

Need More Reasons to Love These Collars?

Our collars are available in colors that put a rainbow to shame, 100% waterproof, sized according to the true neck size of your dog (no more guessing sizes!), engraved for life, and now feature a center safety ring! Plus, our customer service and fast shipping will meet your highest expectations.

Check out these collars today. Keep your dog safe, identified, and looking good!

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