Waterproof Engraved Glow Collar

Waterproof Engraved Glow Collar


It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom collar.

  • For Medium - Large Dogs
  • Waterproof & Smell Resistant
  • Charges from Sunlight
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Lifetime Guarantee for Engraving
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We recommend nickel rivets for any dogs that primarily live near fresh water. For ocean or pool-loving dogs, choose stainless steel.
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  • Product Description

Glow in the Dark Engraved Waterproof Dog Collar

Safe at Night

Your dog’s safety is number one on our list. When there is traffic at night, with cars or people, this glow in the dark collar will prevent your dog from getting into danger by making them highly visible. These bright dog collars help prevent dogs from being hit by cars at night.

If your dog goes missing at night, this night safety dog collar will help you locate them much easier! This collar can also help others locate your dog due to the brightness and personalized engraving on the collar.


You can have up to 25 characters of your dog’s information engraved on the glow-in-the-dark strip. Our laser engravers produce concise contrast that will make the information easy to read. Also, we guarantee that the engraving will last the life of your pet.

No More LED

These glow in the dark dog collars are charged when exposed to light. They are very convenient because you don’t have to turn on or charge the collar. Also, there will be no additional cost after purchasing the collar because you don’t have to buy replacement batteries. They are sure to be as effective and efficient as LED lighted collars.

BioThane Material

These glow-in-the-dark dog collars are constructed of BioThane material with stainless steel hardware. BioThane is waterproof, smell resistant and weather resistant which means that it won’t melt or crack under extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Last, but not least, we offer these glow in the dark collars in 3 neon color options: pink, orange and green. The collars will look like regular high vis collars during the day, but as soon as they’re exposed to the dark, they will glow all night long.

This night safety collar is constructed to last your dog through many late-night adventures!

Product Highlights:

  • BioThane Material with Glow-in-the-Dark Stripe
  • Laser Engraving that Lasts a Lifetime
  • No Batteries Required
  • Charged From Light Sources
  • 3 Bright Color Options
  • Waterproof, Smell & Weather Resistant
  • Keeps Your Pup Safe at Night 

Size Options: 

  • 1 in x 14 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 12-16 Inches
  • 1 in x 16 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 14-18 Inches
  • 1 in x 18 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 16-20 Inches
  • 1 in x 20 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 18-22 Inches
  • 1 in x 22 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 20-24 Inches
  • 1 in x 24 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 22-26 Inches

Color Options:

  • Pink Glow in the Dark
  • Orange Glow in the Dark
  • Green Glow in the Dark - Currently Out of Stock
Cleaning Your Waterproof Collar:
  • Wipe down your collar with a damp rag and mild soap
  • Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach to prevent color bleeding & distortion
  • For more information, watch our video: Cleaning dogIDs Waterproof Collars
Choosing the Right Rivet for Your Dog's Lifestyle
Our waterproof collars are assembled using nickel rivets or stainless steel rivets. Nickel rivets are durable, easy to install and work great for dogs that play in fresh water. However, due to their metal properties, they can corrode when exposed to chlorine or salt water.
Stainless Steel rivets are corrosion-proof and perfect for dogs that swim in a pool or the ocean. However, stainless steel is a harder metal, which makes it more difficult to work with and more expensive. If you choose stainless steel rivets, there will be a $4.00 upcharge.
**The personalization on this item is permanent and therefore not eligible for an even exchange or return. It is very important that you are certain the size is correct before ordering. If you have questions about the sizing of this item, please contact our customer service team at 800-720-8247 or service@dogids.com before ordering**



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