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Dog Collars

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Dog Collars
A collar doesn't just show your pet’s style, but also helps keep them safe. Collars are also an essential tool for training, play and exercise. All dogIDs custom pet collars are premium quality, handcrafted in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. Check out our huge selection of unique, top quality custom dog collars to match your best friend's one of a kind personality! Whether you are considering leather dog collars, designer dog collars or a personalized dog collar with embroidery or an engraved nameplate, dogIDs has you covered.
Items 1-36 of 85
Items 1-36 of 85

How to Choose the Best Collar for Your Dog

Ask yourself the questions below to help determine which of our custom dog collars is right for you.

Since we have so many different styles, materials, colors and designs to choose from, having some direction can help you find the best premier option for your dog.

Does your dog like to be in the water?

If your dog loves to swim, fish or play fetch in the water, we recommend one of our waterproof and stinkproof collars. The material used to make this product will not smell, fade or stretch after a full day of playing in the lake or ocean.

If you have your heart set on a leather collar, our Designer Italian Leather Collars do very well in water as well.

What looks best on your dog?

Does your dog look best in bright colors, natural colors, classy colors or patterns? We have a great selection of bright colored items in our Soft Grip ScruffTag Collar product line.

For a natural look and super soft feel, consider our Bison Leather Collars.

For a touch of class, you’ll love our designer Italian leather collars.

If your dog loves designer fashion and patterns, check out our Nylon Ribbon Collars.

Do you hate jingling tags?

If you are sick of hearing noisy identification tags on your pet’s collar, you owe it to your nerves to try one of our ScruffTag or leather collars with personalized nameplates. Both options give you an engraved nameplate attached to the collar, eliminating the need for hanging tags!

Our office dogs wear this style and sometimes they’re able to sneak up on us at our desks because we can’t hear them coming. (That gets a little interesting with the Great Dane who can reach anything on our desks!)

Do you have a small dog?

Our favorite collar for small dogs is Designer Italian Leather. This comes in small sizes, is not bulky and has an engraved nameplate. You can find more small dog and puppy collars on our site as well.

Does your dog go hunting with you?

If you have a hunting dog, we think you’ll love our camouflage, tough reflective and Soft Grip ScruffTag bright colored collars.

Do you take walks at night? Our reflective & lighted collars are the perfect choice to make sure drivers see your dog on the side of the road.

Why Shop dogIDs?

At dogIDs, we value quality, innovation and integrity. Plus, we love dogs.

These are a few of the values that guide us each day at the office to make decisions that are in line with our mission to support and improve the health and safety of furry friends across the world, and give them the unconditional love that they provide us on a daily basis.

We are looking for people to join our cause and our community. That’s why our customer service team is dedicated to making sure you have a great experience with us. We don’t just want one purchase from you. We want you to stick with us for a lifetime of learning and fun with your pets.

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