How to Attach a Rivet-on Nameplate to a Dog Collar

Looking for a tag without the jingle? Rivet-On Nameplates are a great option! Nameplates can be attached to a variety of materials and are laser engraved.

Our stainless steel or brass nameplates can be attached to a variety of collar materials and are personalized with laser engraving.

You can see how easy installation is in this 'How-to' video!

How to Install a Rivet-On Nameplate

  1. Place the nameplate on the collar in the location you would like to install it.
  2. Mark the nameplate rivet hole positions.
  3. Punch holes in the collar where you made the nameplate hole marks with a hammer and punch, leather punch or drill. Use a durable surface during installation to prevent damages.
  4. For nylon collars, burn the edges of the holes to remove frayed strands.
  5. Push the rivet posts through the holes in the collar from the backside of the collar.
  6. Then push the rivet posts through your rivet-on nameplate and attach the provided rivet caps.
  7. Tap the rivet caps onto the rivet posts with a hammer until the caps flatten.

You can purchase a rivet-on nameplate here.

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