How to Keep Your Pet's Brass Tag Looking New

Not all ID tags are created equal. Depending on what metal you select for your pet's new tag, it may need a bit more care to keep it looking brand new. Brass tags are a great option for your pup and are a customer favorite, but they do require additional care to keep them shiny and readable.

How Is Brass Different?

Brass is a metal that is softer than stainless steel. The beautiful gold coloring is known to tarnish, or appear dirty, due to a chemical reaction caused by air or moisture. This may also cause your tag engraving to look like it is shallow or wearing off.

                                                                  Brass slide on tag

How Do I Fix It?

Although your tag may look worn out, there is an easy fix. Brass is a metal that can be cleaned with metal polish or a DIY cleaner. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe the tag, add polish and buff until you have your pet's tag looking like new.

Where Do I Find Brass Cleaner?

dogIDs now carries a simple brass cleaner that works great on our tags, as well as a ton of other metals. You can find it here.

Brass dog ID tags that have become faded and dull

  The engraving has become faded and 

  dull due to tarnishing. 

DIY Brass Cleaners

If you'd rather not buy a cleaner just for your brass products, a Do-It-Yourself cleaner is a great option too!

Lemon and Salt

  • Cut a lemon in half and remove the seeds
  • Add salt to the cut edge of the lemon
    • You can use baking powder if you do not have salt on hand
  • Rub on brass tag
  • Rinse and buff with a dry cloth


  • Add a small drop of ketchup to a damp cloth
  • Rub into brass until the ketchup is absorbed
  • Wipe clean with a new cloth

What do you use to keep your brass tag looking new? Want more information about dogIDs products? Check out this blog. What Does Guaranteed for Life Really Mean

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