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Personalized DIY Paracord Dog Collar Kits

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Personalized DIY Paracord Dog Collar Kits
Our Personalized Paracord DIY Dog Collar Kits are truly one-of-a kind. The kits come with an engraved buckle (free engraving with the message you write), 550 cord in the colors of your choice, a buckle and a D-ring. This is a ScruffTag dog collar, which is a style we created. The nameplate sits on the back of your dog’s neck for easy visibility. We also provide written instructions and how-to videos to help you put your parachute cord dog collar together. This is a fun, easy project with a trendy, durable and personalized result!
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Why Paracord?
Historically, paracord has been used by super tough soldiers for, well, parachuting and other survival uses. The military and many other organizations still use parachute cord for these purposes. Now, outdoorsy guys and gals are making sure they have paracord on hand “just in case” of an emergency. Paracord dog collars, like bracelets, can be unraveled if needed and used for survival needs like tying together poles, fixing broken straps, security cargo and more. Our paracord kits come with 550 pound cord.

For more everyday-type uses, it’s also good to know that a Paracord pet collar will not rot or mildew. Plus, Paracord is really trendy right now and it comes in a ton of cool colors. Your dog will be the hippest pup on the hiking trail in a paracord dog collar!

How to Make Your Own Paracord Dog Collars
We’ve made it really easy for you to follow the instructions and put together your one-of-a-kind Paracord dog collar. An instruction brochure comes with each DIY Paracord Dog Collar Kit and you can watch our “how to” videos anytime.

To sum it up, you’ll start by attaching the cord to the buckle ends and the nameplate. Then you’ll braid the cord and braid the D-ring into one side of the collar. There are three different types of braids or weaves to choose from: fishtail, cobra and king cobra. Then you’ll secure the ends and you’re done!

Free Engraving on the Name Plate
Each of our DIY Paracord Dog Collar Kits comes with a personalized, engraved nameplate. We use a high-quality, laser-engraving method that is guaranteed to look great and last. When you order your parachute cord dog collar, you’ll be able to tell us exactly what you ant the nameplate to say. The engraving is free.

ScruffTag Design Keeps Your Dog Safe
A ScruffTag paracord collar is something dogIDs created to help keep pets safe. The collar has a nameplate in it, which sits on the back of the dog’s neck. The placement of the nameplate makes it easier for strangers to see your dog’s name if he happens to get lost. A stranger will not have to reach under your dog’s mouth to see how to get your dog home. They can just stand over the dog and look at the back of its neck.

The nameplate being in the collar also eliminates the need for noisy hanging identification tags. We know that’s a huge benefit to the ears!

Why Shop
At we work everyday to find ways to help make the lives of dogs and their owners better. We create and provide products that keep your dog safe, healthy and happy. We are a small, family-led team based in North Dakota and we appreciate your business. Contact us at anytime with any questions about your paracord kit or anything else. We’d love to hear from you.

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