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Waterproof Dog Collars

Made with durable soft grip and poly-coated nylon webbing, our waterproof collars are designed to withstand not only water, but other elements including extreme cold. And the biggest bonus of all - they’re smell resistant!
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As low as: $34.00

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Items 1-22 of 22

Waterproof, Stink-Proof, Life Proof.

The best dog collar for dogs that swim, play in the mud and live life on the wild side. 

Whether your dog is a puddle jumper, a lake dipper, a mud roller, or anything else, we have a waterproof collar just for them! There’s nothing worse than that wet dog smell, and most of the time it’s not coming from your pup, but their collar. With any of these waterproof collar options, you can enjoy a stink-free life, no matter how many times they decide to make a splash.

We have a variety of materials and styles available for the water dog in your life. If you need some guidance before making your decision, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our waterproof products in the sections below.

Material Madness

What in the world is soft grip?

Soft grip is a waterproof material originally developed for horse bridles, halters and reins. The center of the collar contains a polyester webbing, which is then coated in PVC. It might not sound like it, but this material is incredibly pliable, soft, and durable. Customers compare its look and feel to leather. In addition to their flexibility, our soft grip dog collars can withstand water, cold, heat, and smells.

How about Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications and textiles, including ropes. This material is rugged and resistant to fading and odor absorption. Like soft grip, polypropylene collars are soft and flexible. Polypropylene is Mendota’s preferred material for collars and leads.

And BioThane...what’s that about?

BioThane is yet another waterproof and weather resistant webbing product. It’s made of polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating. BioThane is much more durable and easy to maintain than nylon or leather. It’s an American made product which we use to construct our camouflage, reflective, and fluorescent waterproof dog collars.

Easy to Clean

Unlike our nylon or leather collars, waterproof collars are a snap to clean! If your dog’s waterproof collar is looking a bit dirty, or they got carried away playing in the mud after a rainy day, all you have to do is rinse it off or wipe it down with a rag. Pretty slick, huh?

What makes a safety or center ring collar so safe?

A safety or center ring collar is any collar with an O-ring built into the middle of the collar strap. This ring is placed to protect your dog from choking hazards by providing an extra pivot and pressure point if your dog’s collar gets caught. With extra room, your dog will be able to escape whatever it is their collar gets caught on. This extra space won’t let your pup slip out of their collar whenever they like.

Is a waterproof collar right for your dog? 

Read all about the benefits and uses of a waterproof collar on our blog. 

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