Custom Dog Collars

Stitched Waterproof Standard NamePlate Collar for Small Dogs

Stitched Waterproof Standard NamePlate Collar for Small Dogs Our Stitched Waterproof Puppy Collar with Name Plate is made for cats, puppies, toy breeds and other small pets. It's lightweight, yet durable and waterproof - so it's easily washable and...

Fi Collar Series 2 End Link Replacements for Collar Strap

Fi Collar Series 2 End Links Replacements for Collar Strap Lost your end links for your Fi Collar Series 2 collar strap or just need replacements or an extra set? We've got you covered. Set of 2 = 1 left and 1 right included in set. If you have a...

Waterproof Faux Leather Standard Collar

Waterproof Faux Leather Dog Collar Our Waterproof Faux Leather Dog Collar looks and feels just like real leather, but without the maintenance that leather requires. We utilize Biothane to make these Faux Leather Collars - Waterproof and odor proof, so...

Custom Embroidered American Flag Collar with Star

Custom Embroidered 4th of July Dog Collar with Star Custom Built for Your Favorite Holiday It's never too early to celebrate our day of independence! Of course, you don’t want to leave your dog out of the fun, do you? Give your four-legged...

Extra Wide Waterproof Standard Collar

Waterproof = Lifeproof Don’t let this collar’s look fool you. It may come in 7 colors, one of which is bound to look snazzy on your dog, but this Extra Wide Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar is made for a dog’s real life. Each waterproof...

Mendota Double Braid Reflective Dog Collar

Built Tough The Mendota Double Braid Reflective Dog Collar is durable and soft. These collars are made from strong polypropylene rope, which is covered in a special UV coating. The coating prevents the collar from decaying or losing its color...

Reflective Red Nylon Collar for Small Dogs

$8.00 On Sale
Reflective Red Nylon Collar for Small Dogs and Puppies These Reflective Red Nylon Webbing Collars are durable enough to hold up to your small dog's or puppy's rough housing yet soft to ensure a comfortable fit. A reflective strip is...

Extra Wide Stitched Waterproof Standard Collar

Extra Wide Stitched Waterproof Dog Collar = Life Proof Don’t let this collar’s charming appearance and soft feel fool you. It may come in 7 beautiful colors, one of which is bound to look snazzy on your dog, but this Extra Wide Stitched...

Stitched Waterproof Standard Collar for Small Dogs

Stitched Waterproof Small Dog Collar Your puppy, toy breed dog, cat or other small pet will love our Stitched Waterproof Puppy Collar. It's lightweight, yet durable and waterproof - so it's easily washable and won't pick up any stink! It comes in 6...

Handmade to Order Custom Dog Collars That Look Great and Last

Let's get right to the point...At dogIDs, we make practical great looking custom dog collars that last. We make them by hand, made to order, right here in the USA and guarantee them for the life of your dog. Our custom collars are comfortable, easy to clean, customizable and heavy duty so they hold up to the roughest conditions your pooch can throw at them. Most of our collars have personalization options as well so you don't have to have a jingling tag that can get caught on obstacles or fall off. All while keeping your dog safe at the same time. We've been training dogs and making custom dog collars for decades. We're very passionate about dogs and only manufacture high quality collars we would want to have our dogs wear. We believe the most dependable and practical way to ensure our best friends stay "known and safely home" is to always have a personalized collar around their neck with family contact information clearly displayed for a potential finder to easily read and reach out as soon as possible. We offer a huge variety of colors, patterns, styles and sizes for puppies and small dogs up to giant dog breeds - all of the highest quality and custom made in our Fargo, ND shop. Yep, our brutal winters and short but intense summers here are great proving grounds for our products. You can pick out a collar for everyday use and another for special occasions, knowing they will last for many years to come! Your dog deserves the best casual and formal wear, too, right? And don't forget that we make collars for all pets. We get requests to make custom collars for cows, horses, goats, cats, rabbits, you name it, and we're always more than happy to accommodate!

Durable Materials Sourced in the USA

dogIDs collars grow with your dog throughout his or her life because they're extremely durable. If you want a tough collar that will keep up with your rough and tumble pooch, we've got your back. We only use top quality materials sourced from United States suppliers and our high power laser engravers and high tech embroidery machines ensure that the personalization you choose to have on your pet's collar stays clearly readable for the life of your pet. Our nylon collars are silky smooth, much thicker than most on the market and adjust effortlessly to comfortably fit your pet's neck. Coordinate colors with your dog's wardrobe, if you like, or pick out a cool print that reveals your dog’s personality. Opt for a waterproof dog collar for rainy weather, swimming and any other extreme conditions that your pooch is exposed to. Our Waterproof ScruffTag Collar is our flagship product with good reason. They are so practical, silent, waterproof, stink proof and extremely tough, yet they have that supple feel and comfort similar to leather. Our customers love them! Choose one of our reflective collars with reflective stitching or a reflective strip for safety while your fur baby is out and about at night. Leather collars are a classy choice for your stylish pooch that will last for years. All of our leather dog collars are made with premium leather sourced in the USA for durability and a regal look that just gets better with age.

The Personalized Touch

Check out our super cool and tough dog collars made right here in our factory in Fargo, North Dakota, customize the design just how you want it and last but definitely not least, personalize your collar to keep your dog known and safely home. We offer many personalized collars with your personal contact information boldly displayed via attached tags or embroidery. You can reveal his or her name, along with important contact information that will help if he or she ever gets lost. We always highly recommend including at least one phone number in your personalization for sure. We've been laser engraving pet tags and custom pet collars for decades and have developed proprietary processes that ensure whatever information you choose to have engraved on your pet's collar is guaranteed to stay clearly visible for the life of your pet. Keeping them "known and safely home" is our top priority.