Embroidered Service Dog Collar

Embroidered Service Dog Collar

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Dog Collar for Service Dogs

Looking for an easy way to showcase your service dog’s status This embroidered collar for service dogs is the perfect fit. Available in a variety of high visibility color combinations, you can pick the style that fits you and your dog’s needs best. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that this collar will last a lifetime.

Quality Construction

Each service dog collar is made at our Fargo, ND workshop from durable nylon strap with direct embroidery of "SERVICE DOG" right onto the collar itself. The contrast stitching used for embroidery is also used to accent the sturdy box stitching.  

With its military grade plastic quick release buckle, this collar is incredibly easy for you to put on and to take off, but the buckle when locked can withstand all kinds of pulling and pressure.

The Embroidered Service Dog Collar is finished with a heavy-duty stainless steel square ring that can be used to hold identification tags or to clip onto a leash. We are so confident in the quality of this collar that we guarantee it for the lifetime of your pet. 

Product Features

  • Secure, Plastic Side Release Military-Grade Buckle
  • Direct Custom Embroidery
  • Optional Contrast Stitching
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Durable and Comfortable Nylon Webbing
  • Proudly Manufactured in Fargo, ND USA 

Available Sizes

  • ¾  x 9 - 12 in
  • ¾  x 11 - 14 in
  • ¾  x 13 - 18 in
  • 1  x 13 - 18 in
  • 1  x 16 - 23 in
  • 1  x 20 - 27 in

Available Colors

  • Black with Yellow Thread
  • Blue with White Thread
  • Blaze Orange with Black Thread
  • Red with White Thread
  • Neon Yellow with Black Thread - Only available in 1" Widths
  • Lime Green with Black Thread

Service Dog Classification Note:

The Embroidered Service Dog Collar is sold strictly for legitimate identification purposes. Collars that identify service dogs should only be used for professional working dogs and upon purchase, the customer agrees to assume all liability including litigation and any associated costs that may occur as a result of misrepresentation or misuse of these leashes. For more information, read the Americans with Disabilities Act law regarding service animals.


Est. Production Time: 4-6 business days

  • For Trained Service Dogs Only
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft & Durable Nylon
  • Military Grade Quick Release Buckle
  • Corrosion-Proof Hardware